November 20, 2008

updates...updates...and a yummy raspberry trifle

I've been doing some thinking.
Lots of thinking in fact.

Well.. mostly about how I intend to keep myself on track with my pursuit for a successful brand...
and also lots about the decisions I've made in my recent months back home.
I've got a stubborn mind.. but when my overly ambitious escapades get me tangled in knots;
I eventually give in .... not give 'UP'; but give 'in', to other probable solutions or methods of action. Su's not a quitter. She can't quit with her glass always half's ridiculous! haha

I'm all about making 'plans'...'schedules'...'datelines' and all that lovely stress... but when it comes down to implementation, that's where I slack. I'm too spontaneous! *grin* the conceptualized 'plan' gives me the confidence to move forth; but it's the lack of discipline and temptation of new 'ideas' which eventually kick me in the shins!
It's never too late to rethink things I suppose. It's definitely not too late now! Having completed market research and actually dipping my toes into the industry pool is really way off in my opinion. I've discovered that nothing can ever be analyzed in black and white.

You must be wondering why am I suddenly going on about my thoughts. You just want to see some cake-recipe action huh? *laughs*
I understand..I will try to post more often I promise. There are a number of cake photographs lined up waiting their turn. I just haven't found a spare moment to organize and stamp them for posting.

OH yes! before I forget; I have penguin updates!

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about CLICK HERE!
  • A few things have come up and we won't be able to make deliveries to Penang this year. So sorry those up north; We do hope we will see you next year.
  • I have also been receiving feedback from several people about the hassle of my '5-step' sequence. Haha I understand that not everyone is as Internet savvy these days but feel free to give us a call and we will be able to handle your questions and orders via telephone. Em or I will be happy to hear from you. +60149038306
  • Does the cake contain brandy? Yes.. like all other delicious fruitcakes; it will. But feel free to request for a different type of non-alcoholic cake on the inside. We will be happy to replace it for you. Of course; those other than fruitcake wouldn't last till after Christmas. We suggest consumption within 3-4 days of pick-up
  • We will update everyone on the cake pick up locations as soon as we can. Look out for our email confirmation in the next couple of weeks.
Place your orders quick guys! Don't wait till the 5th when bookings close. We do have a maximum number of orders we will be accepting before then.

------ well; that's that..
Here's a yummy dessert picture.
Specially for those who hate to read but are here to drool.



Anonymous said...

You may think it's boring to read all about your thoughts and developments of your business, but it's what I come to your site for!!!
I've been reading backposts for several weeks now, and learning SO MUCH!!! I'm even headed off to the Notter School for a bit of pastry/cake decorating instruction from Colette Peters! I'm SO excited! =)
Anyways, *please* don't stop posting about the developments of your business, I'm following in your footsteps and learning SO much from you, and you have no idea how appreciative I am!

Unknown said...

Wow, your cake designs are fantastic. My 8 year old son was fascinated with your Ben-10 designs and said that he would like to do that sort of thing (he loves to help with cooking). My 6 year old daughter loves the penguin Christmas cakes but as we live in Australia it is a bit tricky to get them here. Thanks for the inspiration keep up the blog.

Dee baker said...

I don't know what is it but there is just something abt you Su, everything you bake/deco/cook just looks so good and yummy. You are such an inspirational and you never fail me. May be is in your veins girl! :)

You already make your name "Su" trusted brand to lots of people. I'm sure :)

Like what Jason said earlier, I really appreciate and you make me look at baking/cooking/deco in a different light.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee all good to read about r thought and ramblings :) Go Su go!

Poorni Pillai said...

Drool factory working overtime, as always where your creations are concerned!

Anonymous said...

I love every single pic that u posted here... it's enough to describe how delicious whatever u cook :)

Faye fly said...

wow so touch n warm 2 c ur all lovely babies here !! so pretty n cute! u r great cant imagine u can did it^^ i like ur blog !

Jacss said...

SU, I'm here both to read yr beautiful grammars as well as wonderful creations!!
u do sound like u r facing with lots of challenges in yr pursuit of yr passion cum career!! and it is absolutely understandable and u really have my salute for the capability to 'TAKE' all these!!
stay strong as u hv been & keep it up... u r on good track!!


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Jason: heyhey! I hope you have a good time with colette. Shes awesome! hehe I took a look at your blog! it's looking good! you're too funny hehe Lots of luck dear.

sophie: hmm... i really need to get working on shipping logistics :P hehehe

dewi: you are too kind! thank you so much for the encouragement. Means ALOT to me.

FF: I miss sydney everytime i hear from you.. ahh... i want bourke st crossaints...

mia: haha it's just nice to stare at a yummy picture i agree.

zue: I think people appreciate pictures to wordings too! haha im personally a fan of more photos than typing..

faye: aw... youre such a sweetheart! thanks :) hehe You're really pretty faye.

jacss: heyhey! *hugshugs* hehehe thank you sooo much!! :)