November 2, 2007

Tiramisu (2nd attempt)

I apologize for not having blogged frequently recently; It's the last semester of Uni; I have assignments due; exams to study for, cake orders and a dear friend over from Melbourne visiting for a week. It's hard to fit the hour or so in to blog about my kitchen escapades. We've been going around so much; and I've been trying to get my notes done, cakes baked and assessments completed all at the same time. *breathe*
I'm currently a tiny bit intoxicated with an overdose of alcoholic beverages from a German Bar; but shall take a couple minutes off precious "sleep-time" to put this recipe up! YAY! *giggle* Because I love you... *laughs*
Its not the first time I've written blog posts drunk; but I feel they are the best! cause they are words spoken without pride; extra thought, just maybe a tiny bit of thought it required to accurately spell the words! haha..but yeah... I love writing in my precious cooking journal with my purest of thoughts. I just talk to much sometimes. I'm not drunk most of the time; but I still do feel I talk too much. With or without drinks. I talk about everything; I often feel it scares others *laughs* but i'm a cool person to hang around with; cause I'm the fool talking too much and making all the noise *rollseyes*...
I shan't talk any longer; and just have the recipe up huh?
I forgot to mention; the recipe is for Tiramisu. I bet at this day and age, where fine Italian culinary inspirations are well known worldwide; there is no need to explain what a tiramisu is. Right? hehe.
I've actually done tiramisu before...a year ago; and I posted the recipe up somewhere too.. lemme just find it! Here's the link! YAY!
I've changed this second attempt around a little; with more effort to create a tiramisu in the form of a cake. Instead of the traditional creamy and thick version Italian of the tiramisu where you scoop out with a spoon.

400gms dark chocolate + 2 tbsp milk (melted and stirred) ** for the ring around the cake
250gms mascarpone cheese
1 cup whipped cream heated lightly + stir in 2 tbsps gelatine till dissolved
1/4 cup icing sugar
4 egg yolks
3 egg whites beaten till stiff peaks form
5 cups strong espresso coffee+2 cups Tia maria(optional)
20-25 pieces Italian shortbread
300gms grated good quality eating chocolate (milk/dark)
Beat egg yolks and icing sugar in a large bowl till pale and light; add in gelatin cream and whip for another 1 minute. Stir in the mascarpone and gently fold in the egg whites.
Soak the shortbread into the espresso+liquor mixture for at least 30 seconds each piece and lay them in a neat layer in a 9 inch springform cheesecake tin lined with a cling wrap. Top with grated chocoalte and one layer of mascarpone. Repeat with the rest of the ingredients in these layers till you create 3 layers of each. FInish off with a good layer of mascarpone and dust cake with cocoa powder. Chill in refrigerator overnight.
Make the chocolate ring by spreading the melted chocolate on a layer of baking paper in a long rectangular shape. Once the chocolate is almost set by still pliable; Push the cake out of the springofrm pan and loop the chocolate ring over the cake. Leave the cake to set in the fridge for a couple more hours or so; and then remove the baking paper after it has completely set.
okay...I'm tired..I cant believe I actually finished typing out the recipe! *amazed at self*

Jo, Eddy and my best friend from Melbourne(Yan) crashing my house got to have a slice each; and they were all smiles! I really liked this version too!! Tiramisu iz yumzies!!! *laughs*
I even made the effort to luster dust the chocolate ring with some edible luster I had lying around from my cake decorating stash. It makes the cake so much prettier!!
I'll have to take a rain check from posting anymore. *laughs*
Sleep time for su!!!
I'll be dreaming of you :P*giggle*
**This is funny...
i tried to upload photos; but remembered I haven't transferred them from my camera; oh well! *laughs* it'll just have to wait till tomorrow then; my mental capacity is running low. I'd like a shot of sleep with a hint of happy dreams and a tropical cocktail umbrella on the top please!! *heeeeeeee*


Anonymous said...

Dear Suyin

I Love your tiramisu! And I really Like all your bakes and Love you too hehe just like how You Love Us! "{^_^}"All your bakes Looks scrumptious...Oh well, i'm sorry to bother you..I was wondering when will you be free again to type out recipes for us again ..hehe...i'm still eagerly waiting for those cupcakes recipes you made during the pasar malam nite~~:) Really hope you can post it up when you can~~Thank you.....................................................................................................Your'e the BEST SUYIN!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We Love You Too! For who you are.=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin, I have been following your blog since last year and I love the stuff which you cooked and baked! Keep it up!

rokh said...

wow this is definitely a really good way to serve tiramisu. i am so gonna attempt on tiramisu now ;)

Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

I need help understanding how you "looped" the chocolate around the outside of the cake... how did it stay?
could you explain that more?

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

jes: thanks so much for your lovely comments on my cooking! :) The cupcake recipes will be up soon...haha as soon as I make my way through all these packing and cakes LOL

anonymous: wow! thats real sweet :)

jayna: thanks! :) I hope the recipes are working well for ya~

rokH: so how did it go???

deanna: I wait till it is half set; I place te rectangular ring around the outer corners of the circular cake. Leave it there to set and then peel off the baking paper. Does that help?

Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

i think so!
so, obviously you take that clear plastic wrap off the tiramisu first, right? then place it on the chocolate, and fold up the corners of the chocolate until it is set?
Hahaha, i don't know why i am having such difficulties understanding this!!
it is just SOOO Beautiful! I'd love to try it myself, too! i just need to know the exact instructions or i'll make a terrible mistake! hehehe!
and, those glitters... they are edible?