October 31, 2007

Kinki Kids?

I was in the dark about the what the "Kinki Kids" were till recently when Stephanie approached me for a cake.My knowledge of Japanese Pop culture did not go beyond Hello Kitty and Ayumi Hamasaki! I really appreciate the opportunities I've been given to explore beyond the norm from doing cakes. My life pretty much evolves around being a Uni student; studying to graduate, decorating cakes, blogging, and a passion for all things yummy. Being forced to expose myself to different things I have no prior knowledge with is truly an experience on its own. It's kinda like Uni really;
  • I receive a topic from the lecturer ( customer tells me what they like)...
  • .....I stress about not knowing what to do...
  • I ask around friends and peers for ideas or useful hints;
  • ...I finally stop procrastinating and decide to research on the chosen topic;
  • ..do a quick search on extremely 'efficient' sources such as Google; YouTube and Wikipedia; *giggle*
  • harvest whatever helpful information;...
  • .. derive an original report/design that is my own~ well of course; when it comes to sketching cake ideas; there is no option of "copy-pasting" *laughs*
Now whoever said you don't learn anything useful from University is an idiot! *laughs* I've slept through many lectures and dodged many tutorials in my 4 years; but the monotonous process of my "assignments" have become a way of life! It just WORKS!... .. seriously~ Uni was the best thing that ever happened to me! *Note to self* I'll probably have to remind myself this during the exam period in a couple of weeks! *tear*
**... I've said enough about my silly ol' self; shall have more info on what the Kinki Kids are.
Here's a snapshot I stole from Wikipedia on the Kids;

KinKi Kids is a Japanese popular group under Johnny & Associates. The group members are Koichi Domoto (Dōmoto Kōichi?) and Tsuyoshi Domoto ( Dōmoto Tsuyoshi?).

Widely known in Japan, the KinKi Kids are very popular among girls of all ages, and their subscription concerts even draw boys. Not only do they sing, but they are also talented actors, having appeared in popular dramas and sitcoms. For example, Tsuyoshi played a part in Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (Young Kindaichi's case files) and Summer Snow, and Koichi was in Remote. They have their own variety show called Domoto Kyoudai (The Domoto brothers). However despite their shared surnames they are in fact completely unrelated and hail from two different prefectures in the Kinki region. [1]

Here's a video I harvested from YouTube ;) *giggle*

I ran a search; and there were a gazillion photos of the KinKi kids on Google images! With numerous different hairstyles! *faints*

Luckily; Stephanie had sent me a couple of images via email to confirm the favourite ones amongst her friends. She was very helpful with ideas and so very thoughtful to have sent me a feedback on the cake the day after. I couldn't supply her with a box tall enough and the lugging around of the cake in the heat during the day created a crack on the ribbon! Sorry about the issue with the box; I've scouted many places for boxes and other covers; but the suppliers in Sydney just do not cater for sculpted cakes. Especially considering how every cake is a different height and width. Despite all of that; the cake went well; and she was very happy with how it turned out! She had requested for a cute cartoon-ey version of the KinkiKids hugging each other. It was a real task trying to put 2 large heads side by side without knocking either one over! *laughs* I'm just really glad it helped make the birthday party a success.


Steph said...

Too cute! I love this cake sooo much!

Cakespy said...

Oh my goodness. I'm sure that there ARE words for this...but for the moment I am speechless. How have I been living and breathing and NOT knowing about this phenomenon?

ViNi said...

Absolutely amazing, I actually loved Kinki Kids when I was in high school lol!

Congrats, your blog is like no.12 n top50 Aus bloggers!

All the best in exams too :P

MarsyParsy said...

omg su-yin. this is it. i think you're brilliant! i am a fan of japanese music and when i saw the new title of ur entry as KinKi Kids, i knew i just had to write a comment! Well done and keep up the good work!

It'll be so cool if you can come up with Kat-tun or NEWS, also under JE. Or maybe even Dong Bang Shin Ki, a korean group under SM Town :D

AAAAAnnnnnnyyywayyy! Well done and.. sheesh woman! I dunno what else to say! You know you will always have your friends and loyal readers *like ME!* supporting you!!


Poorni Pillai said...

Great work, Su! As always!! Hey, could you put up a post about croissants? There are recipes online, ofcourse, but I trust you more!

FeR said...


I found your site while exploring new blogs to read - please let me say that I think your creations are amazing!
I don't know how you find the time to do all the baking/cooking - they all look very yummy, too! Very professional! :D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your bakery creations! You have me craving a rich, moist cupcakes with luscious delectable frosting.

Thank you for such a creative and fun blog! junemoon

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

s. : thanks :)

cakespy: haha; it is I guess limited to those who have interests in J-pop etc.

vini: Wow..theyve been around for awhile huh? ...haha... thanks for the info on my top50 aus bloggers...I dont really follow ratings; there are just too many out there!

mars: thanks :) thatst real sweet. Haaa...there are too many Asian groups out there; unless I get cake orders from them;i dont think ill be making them anytime soon. I might make a cake of Bi though...ehehe <3 rain...LOL

fer: thanks! :) thanks for leaving acomment...hope to hear from you soon

junemoon: aww... thanks so much. it really means heaps :)

Anonymous said...

Oooohh... wooww...
i looovee Kinki Kids very much but i had to admitt that this kind of idea has never got in my head..
woooww... just.... wooowww
nice ^^
can't say anything, just... wowww...