November 4, 2007

"I'd like a face please...."

Su Yin: "??... you mean a head?"
Cute Japanese voice: "YES! A head! with his face!"
I have a handful of Japanese friends and they really are the sweetest most adorable girls I've met. I really love how they are easily excitable and always so gracious with thank yous and kind compliments. Tamaki; had made a cake order for a cake meant for her boss's birthday last weekend. She works at a Ramen (Japanese noodle) bar where her colleagues had pooled together cake money to celebrate their boss's birthday with a cake.
She had sent me an email with a photograph to aid me with the cake design. I used the photo as a guide to create a cartoon-ey version of his face.
I guess after she had seen Mayumi's doll cake I've done; she thought another "head-cake" would be cool. I still did a 'face' but decided to change the concept around a little this time; with the head edible instead of it being made out of Styrofoam core.
She was pretty happy when she saw what I had done; I hope her boss was delighted as well. Might give her a ring later tonight to see how the party went.


Ling's Passion said...

OMG! I absolutely love your creations!! I'm always amazed by them. U are soooooo goood... =) I'm jealous...*grin* LOL...

MeatballOnline said...

like ling's said... i'm amazed!

ioyces said...

Su!! You r so good with ur hands!!! It really looks like the guy!!! WOOOOW!!!

K.C.Q said...

Hey Su, I love you cakes and your blog!!! I'm your daily reader but never try to leave you a comment (now I am) Thanks so much for keep up with blogging while are r so busy with student's life! I do food blog too but in Vietnamese ( I know it's not fair)

Graeme said...

The likeness is uncanny - Really cool, Su.

I do find the featureless face massively disturbing though, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sun, your cakes have inspired me heaps and I wish to make one outof my design but I cannot find fondant in most shops and was wondering where do you buy them from?

Anonymous said...

you're really gifted, beautiful work!:)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

ling: thanks! :) hehe

meatball: thanks for leaving a comment; nice hearing from new folks :)

ioyces: :) thank you!

k.c.q: Hey there; how interestng! I've never actually read a vietnamese food blog before! Looks great! It's very nice to finally hear from you.Your baby is so very cute!

graeme: Haha! i love taking before and after pictures. It really does make a difference after its frosted and coloured.

anonymous: Hmm.. I get them from speciality cake shops...but if you're in aust you should be able to find them in grocery stores. Have you tried purchasing it online? wilton has good fondant too

kimbap: thanks so much for the encouraging words :) truly appreciated.