November 6, 2007

*Click Click* Camera shutter sound*~ ...*Shuuuushhh* ...

everyone's studying....
*tip toes around room*
*whispers* : The library gets so boring sometimes... it's only been the second time that I've actually spent an afternoon there and i've already found ways to get distracted! *laughs* My double espresso ice coffee is the only thing keeping me up at these crucial times.I should leave my darling camera at home when I visit the library tomorrow.

Back to discussion of all things bright and happy; Here's a cake I've recently done for a sweet guy who had made an order to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.
She loves cute little penguins and cheerful sunflowers. It was a fair task trying to incorporate both ideas into a single cake; as we know, sunflowers do not grow where penguins live. *laughs*
Despite having had arguments with myself about the illogicality of it all; I decided to put them together anyway~ it won't look real! but it'll definitely be cute as hell! *laughs*

There's something about frolicking penguins which just makes anything look happy!
He came back with good feedback on the design and mentioned how his girlfriend and her parents loved it too! It just makes it worth the hours coming up with cool stuff on my sketch book.It has been cake orders and studying these Su these couple of if you're anticipating cupcake recipes; it'll have to be the week after folks! I do apologize to cupcake lovers who have been emailing me and leaving comments requesting recipes; but I've just been stressed out from exam preparations and cake orders pouring in for the month of November. I promise more fun posts filled with recipes in a weeks time k? *wink*


Lemonchello said...

What a great cake I wish my husband would arrange for a cake like this for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

my dear,
I have stumbled upon your blog only recently, and I have to say it is always a pleasure when I see it arrive in my mailbox. I have a degree in culinary arts, and I specialize in pastry. The works of art you post on your pages blow me away, for someone without professional training. It truly takes a passion to produce such artistic edibles, you never cease to amaze. I have to say you have inspired me, and I appreciate the dilligence you have for the art, and for sharing it with the web community. I will continue to follow your blog, and pass it on. I wish you all the best in you career as a cake artist, as you truly have the gift!

Jennyvi said...

let's give Su a break, guys! :P I'll definitely wait for the cupcake recipe! you're our cuppycake angel Su!! love it!

take care care always!

Graeme said...

Lol, what the hell!?
Get back to work!

Stunning cake, btw.

Unknown said...

I love your site. You are so amazingly talented!

Evans said...

helloooooo. i drop by againnn to see ur cakes and drool. lols.

what a fantastic time management u have there! u still bake cakes in the midst of exam week! and most importantly, the cake looks really lovely! lols. u're my role model now. hahahaha

btw can i link ur blog? thankSS :)

Michelle said...

Oh my, your cakes are gorgeous. What an amazing talent!

Trina T said...


I love your blog. Your cakes are so quirky and individual. I am a novice cake decorator and love checking out your ideas. So often I think.."wow, I would never have thought to put that there" but it really works.
Finally (when you get time) you should consider selling tutorials on assembling cake sculptures. Its so hard to find information on larger scale cake sculpting, aside from the usual little marzipan figures.
Glad to see your work is being appreciated!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

lemonchello: hint hint? :P haha

manda r.: wow thanks so much for leaving a comment. it really inspired me. its great encouragement..thanks so much mand..

jenny: haha you're so cute..cupcakes are coming soon :P

graeme: procrastinating is fun ;)

jenn: thanks for leavin a nice note with compliments to my work. really made my day :)

epanz:sure thing dear~ haha i'm glad thats all behind me now. I'm packing up for a new chapter in my life

michelle: Hiya! htanks so much! It's so nice to hear from new blog readers all the time :)

trina: haha thanks trina; I will in the near future; I'm planning to get formal certification first :)

Anonymous said...

you are amazing! i love your cakes. so so talented :)