October 27, 2007

Pasar Malam @ UNSW.

I exclaimed "COME" several times all over my blog post 2 days ago; and many heard me. They came... *awww* thanks guys... I'm so touched by your "hearing-me". *laughs*
It was very sweet of those who came up to us and said; "AH! I read your blog!" haha *blush* :P
...and not forgetting; big hugs to those who did not / could not make it, but wrote me thoughtful emails and Facebook msges wishing they could have made it. *sigh* not to worry guys; my cupcakes sold out within the first 1.5 hours. I should have made more! *greedy*
It was awesome!
...Nothing like a full days work and making a weeks wage out of it! *evil grin* :P
The weather was gloomy the entire day up to 6pm when we were about to open up. It was fixing to rain; and constant teasing of drizzles were making us nervous. Despite all of that; everything was still wonderful; and with Amanda running things so well; it was too perfect.
I had been baking cupcakes all morning and the evening before; and there were 6 large boxes full of these pretty little babies by 2pm! I wish I had taken the time to take better pictures of each of them.
Death by Chocolate;
Cute little cherry pies;
Nasi Lemak Cups;

Yummy Pandan Coconut cuppy cakes;
Wobbly little Mango Puddings; and Sago Gula Melaka cooked with coconut cream;
*(Unfortunately these two were kept in the fridge all day and I had forgotten to take photos of them!) *sigh*
My 2 beautiful housemates volunteered to help sell my cupcakes and I dressed them in pastel pink + angel halo's just for fun! They were cute and it helped attract attention to my little pink stall. Whispers of, "Oh, look! an Angel!" followed the girls around all night!
Jo helped fold boxes; buy food and dip strawberries throughout the day. We didn't have a chance to have food and visit the other pasar malam stalls that night as we were busy behind the counter. Sweet Jo stood in lines all night getting us dinner! *MmMmm* satay... roti canai... it was delicious! He's such a darling.
We were placed right next to the band playing and the view from our slightly elevated platform was fantastic! Everyone was mingling; having fun and singing along with the awesome band that was playing. The whole bustling sensation to the night transported me back to Pasar Malams back in Malaysia. *laughs*

My dearest buddy, Eddy also turned up after a long days work to help out at the stall; I put the loud and cheeky Edward in charge of the strawberries and Charity chocolate fountain. We had prepared three trays of strawberries; but everyone else was more interested in spending money on cupcakes! The fountain churning out thick deliciously luscious fudge did help attract attention to the stall; but the pretty and cute cupcakes managed to steal the show. Poor Eddy was having a hard time pushing strawberries for a gold coin donation each! *laughs* We eventually finished selling out the cupcakes and I sent my pair of beautiful angels around to push more sales for the strawberries. The profits from the strawberry fountain were directed to MERCY Malaysia and I wanted to make a substantial amount worth sending *laughs* I had contacted MERCY through a couple of The Star newspaper correspondents after reading an article they had written about MERCY needing funds to help support on-going projects in rural areas in all the Malaysian states. MERCY stands for Malaysian Medical Relief Society. CLick here for more info if you would like to help out too!
Everything was peachy keen till the evil rain clouds decided it was the end of our party *SOB* lucky for us; we were under a huge tree which gave us enough time to use our quick reflexes to grab large trays and shades to cover our precious fountain full of chocolate! A dear friend; Nali even stood by us through the night to help hold up the umbrella above our fountain as we sold the strawberries out cheap to clean up our stock. *sigh* The crowd began to disperse a little after the rain; and we had no choice but to give out the strawberries at $2 for 10! I cry thinking about my sinfully delicious Callebaut milk fudge being sold dirt cheap. *laughs* Oh well; we tried as hard as we could to sell off the berries and more funds for MERCY; but AUD$121.00 was pretty much the best we could do considering our circumstances.
It was not even close to what I had intended to raise; but I guess it was better than I had expected of the rainy evening.
I didn't exactly have many opportunities to snap good photos throughout the night. Especially of ourselves; but here are a couple of pictures courtesy of Min; he has a great camera! and awesome photography skills. Thanks Min!

So.....did we have fun?
OMG Yes!!... *in tired voice*
Haha my pretty pair of angels are exhausted and Eddy + Jo must be very tired from all the lugging of trays and cupcakes around. We returned together to mine; where we sum-ed our profits and released big pleasant sighs of relief. I really don't know how much to thank my dear friends who are always there to calm my storms of frustration and help out every time I need a couple of extra hands. I can buy them a million dinners, shower them with shoes, bake Eddy hundreds of his favourite cheesecakes~, and it still wouldn't be enough. I can't seem to put a price tag on my appreciation for their effort and friendship. I know I'm not the best friend in the world; I'm sorry if I insulted you by trying to "pay" you for your help, but I really mean it deep down, It wouldn't have been a such a success without you, thanks girls, Eddy and Jo, Su yin wouldn't be the same person she is today without having had you in her life.
**in deep Malaysian accent: "I buy dinner tomorrow, okay? "** :P


Anonymous said...

Oh GOsh! Suyin! your Cuppy cakes looks delicious! mind to post up all your recipes?? Cant wait!!!!! Wish I could have a night of pasar malam at home too!! thanks!! Love!!

Anonymous said...


Your cakes look lovely. I was wondering if you would be able to help me make a cake for my husband's 30th.

What is the best way to contact you?

Kind Regards


Graeme said...

Woah, looks like you had tons of fun!

All you guys' ability to look happy and shiny after such hard work is so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Wow suyin! I wish I live nearby, but i'm all the way in spore. i love cupcakes but never successful in making them :( wish i cud buy ur cupcakes. haha... u mind posting the recipes? esp the chocolate n the cherry cupcakes. they look so delish!!

Unknown said...

Your cupcakes look beautiful! You shouldn't have worried about being able to sell them!

On a sidenote - how freaky is this, Edward used to go to my high school! :)

Anonymous said...

HI Suyin,

I have been reading your blog for close to a year now and i must say your work is fantastic!
do you issues of your cupcake liners peeling after half a day or so since you had to bake a day in advance to prepare for this event?

Anonymous said...


i realise that the paper cups for your cupcakes dont appear oily. what brand/type isit? are you using plain paper cups or are they coated? whenever i make cupcakes they never look like that. oil will coat the entire cup and it will look a bit translucent.

love what you did - ass usual!

your frequent blog visitor.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how you study whilst doing all this cooking. I barely make a cake a week. And why aren't you on the Foodie Blogroll? http://www.leftoverqueen.com/the-foodie-blogroll
Hmm? You should - your site is fabulous.

Anonymous said...


Your Pandan Coconut cupcakes look soooo... yummy!!! It's my favourite chiffon cake. Would you share the recipe?

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

I would love he recipe on the chocholatfrosting you had on those beautiful chocholat cupcakes!

/Amanda from Sweden

(You are my inspiration in every cupcake i make :) )

Unknown said...

su-yin!!! i extremely adore d cherry cupcakes!! lol...too bad i wasnt there tat day! missed so much good food...*drools*

KPB said...

OH WOW - very impressive. My own foray into the world of having a stall was unfortunately ummm, stalled last week due to other's work commitments taking precedence. But it looks like it was all a huge success albeit a massive effort too!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hey guys~ I apologize for the late replies; everyone has been emailing me about cupcakes; cupcake recipes and frostings etc. etc. haha; I shall make a big cupcake post soon, just need to time to do so in the next week or so.

K: you can make a cake order via the link I have on the side bar in red saying "cAKE ORDERs" :)

graeme: *shrug* my girls are super! :P

elena: wow what a coincidence! I must tell eddy :P LOL

anonymous: I've actually never had the case of peeling of liners..:S hmm. it could be the recipe i use or the brand of liners i have. I use really expensive liners but its worth every penny.

m: its definitely the recipe and the fat content in the cupcakes for oily bases; however there are some foil case cupcake cases you can buy to solve your problem.

dee: Hmm... haha I dont know; I never usually put myself on foodie blogrolls; I guess she will notice me after awhile. LOL hope Im significant enough :P

win: Hmmmmmm....its a secret recipe :P...but I might ;) hehe. I always end up giving out recipes after awhile haha!

sweden: that is so sweet...hmm... its a secret too~ hahaha Thats what makes it so good :P

shianyi: you were my inspiration for the cherry ones :P

kim: thanks :) I'm so glad I went for it despite the crazy amount of work I had. It really is an experience on its own. I love challenging myself with more and more... it isnt necessarily a good thing though; haha..i often break down with flus coughs and fevers when I physically give way *laughs*

Anonymous said...

Hola! I'm inspired! I've been baking for quite sometime now..Thinking of turning it into a real business...wanna start small like you did...just love the angel thingy!
BTW how much do you sell each cupcake? I'm in dilemma...I will be using all the good stuff that taste good but wont be cheap...If I put a pricey price, afraid people wont buy it because I'm gonna sell it at pasar malam...people expect cheap food at pasar malam rite...n owh how many cupcakes did u sell on tht day?