October 29, 2007

"Laura Verona Perry"

If I had to sum this lovely lady in 3 words; I'd go with..
  • Gorgeous
  • Outspoken and
  • Deep
Despite only having had the opportunity to spend few occasional moments together; those moments were special.She's both sweet and sexy; a good combination of intelligent and cool.. I just love this chick!
It's a strange feeling I have when I'm around her; we're both similar and opposites in so many strange ways. Her strong personality often contradicts with mine; and yet I feel a connection with her, I believe we share a bond... for lack of a better word...an understanding?
We've met 4 years ago at boring Uni lectures on "concrete" and "construction management"; but never bothered to have a chat with each other;
With a class full of smelly and loud construction men; us girls eventually began to team up with our own kind ;) I'm glad we've gotten to know each other much more these couple of years or so.
I would consider it a case of "Worlds Collide". I still remember how shocked she was when I asked her what a solarium was! *laughs*.
I hope I've shared with her as much as she has exposed me to the local Australian "girly~" way of life. It's been an eye opening experience, and a whole lot of fun gossip! *giggle* That's what makes Laura special to me.
I'd like to wish this lovable individual; a very Happy Birthday!...and may her dreams of travel come true!
We gathered at the swank leather+velvet filled Victoria Room in Darlinghurst to celebrate her Birthday. The place was absolutely delectable~ with soft lights, fancy drapes and charming chocolate furniture laced with indulgent fabrics.
The food was reasonably priced and came in small sharing portions; I had no complaints with the taste either! The drinks menu was lengthy and but the cocktails were really nothing to shout about. Not to mention how it was served to us by the most sarcastic and rude waiter I've met in my life *laughs*. I'd go there again if he didn't work that particular shift; it was no joke; he got my blood boiling! I've worked as a waitress myself; and certain things are just off limits when it comes to service! *GRrrr*
Well, enough of that~...back to talking about happy things!... I made Laura a cake!! The composition of the cake on its own is so very "Laura"... sexy animal print; elegant and poised with a touch of "bling" *laughs*

She loved it! and I had everyone at the restaurant OooOing and Aaaing as I pranced through the crowd with my lovely creation.I'm not certain how the candle blowing and cake cutting went; as I had to leave early to finish up another cake I had due; and the many exams I was having on monday. *sigh* I wish I stayed for another cocktail; ...just to see if the waiter ticked me off enough for me to slap his face with some attitude of my own! *evil grin*


Graeme said...

Cool, it's like a Zebra cake, lol.

I love the patterning, probably one of my favourites cakes so far.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD.u bake AMAZING stuffs!
maybe i should start baking again after all these years!

Evans said...

all yr cookings n cakes r just WOW! im really2 amazed~ i love droppin by to ur blog just to see the cakes n all the decorations *drools*. lols.

keep up the good work! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi, i reach here from the link on aivy's facebook.
everything here looks amazing!!
i can't believe cakes/cupcakes can be this pretty!

Anonymous said...

would slap the waiter if i could!...

Anonymous said...

Su what an amazingly sexy cake, if I've ever seen a sexy cake, this must be it!

Funny thing but I confess that when you have friends who bake well or do it for a living, you kinda expect a cake for your birthday. I'm guilty of thinking like that, but somehow my positive thoughts get me a cake every year! haha

Poor you, wondering if you ever feel the pressure of the expectations when invited for a birthday

Unknown said...

Hi, su yin. I really like what you have done with your blog, and enjoy seeing all the nice, cute and delicious cakes. Keep up the good work. :)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

OMg.... seriously, HOW I WISH YOU're Here to bake me one too !

lOVe this A LOt Alot!!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

graeme: hehe my girlfriend's a big animal print fan

i roar: baking is great! thanks for your compliments on my work

epanz: hehe thats real sweet. thanks dear :)

anonymous: wow! haha she's advertising for me now too! :P

anonymous2: yea...I went there again the second time; it was less busy then... and he was being less obnoxious

anna: haha thanks dear! thats real sweet. Hmm... it is weird; but I guess i've decided to do only one "free" cake per friend per lifetime haha! It's hard cause if i make it for a few birthdays; everyone expects a cake for every birthday of their lives *laughs* Invite SU! free cake! haha not really a good feeling for me. I do feel pressured to bring along a cake to every party; but it really makes sense after awhile that I can't be making cakes for every party I go to; considering how I'm rushing cakes I'm being paid for every week as it is.

saoirse: thanks for your kind compliments and encouragement :)

denise: Haha where are you my dear? where is "here"?

Fi Fang said...

Hai Su Yin! I really love the zebra pattern.... it's very cool! If you dont mind, please teach me how to make it, thanks!