October 23, 2007

One event after the Other...

It's one crazy month for me! I'm finishing off 2 assignments, a video presentation, baking cupcakes in the oven, copying notes for my exam from my laptop, recovering from a week long flu bug, and posting on my blog; all at this very moment *laughs* not to mention.. I have pretty little Amanda on MSN hassling me to put up her Pasar Malam advert poster!YES! you heard it! a PASAR MALAM! (NIGHT MARKET) in SYDNEY!! WOoOO~
... it's by the Malaysian Student Organization of UNSW; and is coordinated by one of the best organizers I know. Amanda has done a great job putting this together; and I've decided to put up a stall too!
A week ago; I had a poll up on my blog; asking readers what they would like to see me cook next, the majority voted pretty cupcakes! Well... would you like to lick the frosting off of one of my pretty little mini cakes? or sink your teeth into one or more of Su's deliciously moist morsels?

I'm having cupcakes! cupcakes; both sweet and savoury cupcakes! I'll be on a baking frenzy till Thursday night just frosting yummy cupcakes!- They won't just be 'cakes'; they'll have unique names... at this point; I have on sale:
  • The Mango Pudding
  • The Nasi Lemak
  • The Pandan Coconut
  • The Cherry Pie
  • The Death by Chocolate... Fudge.. *MmMmmmm*
There will also be other stalls selling cheap Malaysian delicacies such as currypuffs, rojak, kuih, laksa! and So muCH MORE!...
... on the side, I'll be having a charity chocolate fountain...exchanging luscious strawberries for a gold coin donation to Mercy Malaysia. My chocolate sauce is to die for; so come early to choose your biggest berry!
COME on over on Thursday night from 6pm till late!
..Need I say the word COME once more?
...COME!!!! dammit... *laughs*


SIG said...

I'm so so so so jealous! Wish I could be there. ;)

Ady said...

Wish I could be there too .... my mouth is watering just reading about the food! All the best with the Pasar Malam! Malaysia boleh!!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

IT was awesome!! haha if i could; id have a few more of these markets! LOL

KStan said...

Ken's original weight = 82kg
Since he stopped exercising = 92kg
Since he started visiting this blog = 96kg and rising.

You make me hungry. :(