October 7, 2007

Burger Cuteness Overload!!

I would safely say; Everytime I've completed a cake.. I'd step back from my dirty workbench... snap a photo or two...take a good look at the finished product, and frown...
it's never ENOUGH!..
its either...too boring, too saggy, not exciting... messy, bland?... I don't know why; but I'd subconsciously find a million words to criticize it in my head *laughs*
This is then usually the point where my housemates come out of their rooms to assure me it looks just great! I wouldn't know what I'd do without them.
This time around; I took a step back from this adorable little baby big Mac burger...and went *AwwwWww*
He's super-dupEr-uBer cute!... !
Cause he is!! *gets excited*
It looks like a baby.. but enormous! ...needless to say; it should because it is macdonald's BIG Mac...*wink*
Tj had ordered a cake last minute for a friend who loves big macs.

I myself have never had a big mac! I live in close proximity to a 24hour MacDonalds...but have never purchased anything other than sundaes or fish fillet burgers! I love Mcd's filletOfish... *laughs* pretty weird huh? My friends find it strange..and they feel its weird that I'm having fish at Mcd's. It's the only thing I've been having for as far back as I can remember!
My parents do not eat beef for religious reasons... we never cooked beef at home when I was younger, and though I'm allowed to have beef outside...my palate is still pretty unadjusted. Red meat just cant make it to the "I LIKE"-list just yet. Thus the explanation and my excuse of why I've never had a big Mac. *laughs*

After creating this little cutie... and not being able to have a slice of cherry buttercake + Malibu cuteness myself; I might have to make my way to Mcd's this afternoon to have a real big Mac! I doubt those will be as adorable as my big baby Mac. *sniff*
I stacked this little baby with cherry buttercake layers and covered the edges wit fondant. Every layer inbetween is cake drenched in Malibu. The fondant was painted to create a 'burger' bun effect...and pickles, lettuce and cheese were done the same way too.
It's arms and face gives me the impression that the baby's asking for a hug!


Moon said...

That is one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen! You always make the most precious things :)

Linda said...

Hahahahahaha, I fell in love at first sight, I wanted to hug the cute burger. That is so perfect, if I never visit your blog and I see the photo somewhere, I won't guess it is a cake. It looks like plastic toy, so pretty and perfect, no flaw. My favorite was sushi train cake but now this is my favorite =)

My parents never cook beef too because of religious reasons. And I prefer not to eat beef to respect my grandma. But sometimes ppl think I am weird not eating beef.

Anonymous said...

I would never be able to eat that cute cake. I just want to hug the baby burger.

Linda said...

Su Yin,

I am back here to see the cute burger. You should patent it then make this character as plush toy, bag, stationery, t-shirt. I will buy haha.

SIG said...

He is super duper cute! :) Kawaii!!

New Kid on the Blog said...


Anonymous said...

hee..dat is an awesome burger..u oways surprise me wif ur wonderful creation..keep it up..i oways look 4ward 2 reading ur new posts=)..btw..d u haf a gd recipe 4 mango cake?

d2e said...

dat IS one adorable looking big mac. i wouldnt and just couldnt get myself to eat such cute big mac. tho i always have big mac when i go to McD :) by the way, how does that big mac go for ya?

cheers and keep on creating cutesy stuffs ^^

Anonymous said...

That is one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen! I don't know if I would be able to eat it, your stuff is so wonderfully adorable, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Cutie said...

Gosh, you made my favourite burger... Anyway, I really wonder how to eat such a lovely cute little cake. Can you take a picture of the cake cut open next time. I also wonder how you cut the cake and serve... =) Brilliant!!! Go faster open your shop and I will definitely visit your outlet often...

Jen said...

Awww, how adorable. I wouldn't want to eat him, he's just too cute.

You are getting better and better with each cake.

ViNi said...

Super Kawaii!

Anonymous said...


When r u coming back to malaysia? where r u staying?

I would like to order for my son 4 years old birthday if possible :)

He loves lighting mcqueen (CARS)

Anonymous said...

This gotta be the cutest cake I've ever seen!!

Squishy said...

That is just Awesome.......Wow

Clever Girl :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... it looks so much like a real burger... I'm having trouble telling the difference from the photos.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

We girls love our cutsey things huh? haha...I got so many responses from girls going awwwwWwww... haha; don't worry guys; you're welcome to say its cute too! :P
thanks everyone for the great comments; I truly appreciate them.... makes me wanna evolve more with my designs to keep blowing people away :)... my blog readers are great motivators. XOXO

linda: I will soon ;)

anonymous: I have a mango cupcake recipe if you like...

d2e: I didnt like it >.< haha I love my fish fillet

jessi: I staying for at least 1.2 a year when im back in malaysia: I will be back in early december :)

Anonymous said...

early december...hmm... my son's birthday fall in nov but nvm.

email me when u r in msia,ok?


thanks ^_________^