October 10, 2007

*nose peeks up from books*

Hi guys...
been busy..
but she misses you all..!

I've been caught up with Uni assignments which are due within the next week or so.
I haven't completely hung up my apron though.
I've been baking bread to relieve my stressed moments. "trying" to bake bread at least.
I swear...I've been cursed when it comes to using yeast. *shivers* I can't bake bread
....no joke.
I CANT!... *shakes head in disbelief*
I've even tried "no-fail" and "child-proof" recipes. It still fails...and I'm still not better than a child! *sob*I've wasted at least 5-10 bags of bakers flour... and my skill level still has yet to go beyond making pizza dough! It's incredibly frustrating, especially for a bread lover like myself.
I think the many "failed" cases of bread baking has added on even more stress to my assignments!
*laughs* well.. at least the consolation is that it always tastes LIKE bread..and my house smells delicious all day!
This one had sultanas and chocolate bits in it; I felt it tasted alright...but it just doesn't really look much like a loaf..*sob* *throws a tantrum*** Note: I never said I wouldn't keep trying till I &#%(^ get it!! Even if it takes all the yeast in the world! *evil grin*
I turned this little failure into bread and butter pudding! There are always sneaky ways of yummy-fy-ing things~*wink*I'll be back quickly everyone!...as soon as my evil lecturers decide I deserve a break *giggle*
The month of October is going to be one hell of a ride for me;... I'm at the peak of the fall on the front seat of the roller coaster. *screams*


Anonymous said...

lol it's alright bread's one of the tough things to make-- i've always had the perception that u need special mixers n all for it! ANyways u keep trying girl! ^^ OOoohHhh or (HEHEHEHE) u could get a part time job at say... Baker's delight? to learn a little? My fren did that-but she wanted to learn how to make muffins too so she ended up working at muffin break. She took lessons at TAFE for bread-making n the bread she's making is awesome! preservative-free n it tastes somehow like a bread n a scone combined!

tinytoes said...

Hi Su,

I absolutely adore your blog. Have been drooling over your cookings and creations despite "puasa".

Raya is coming in a few days, would you be whipping up something Raya-ish?


Anonymous said...

Hi Su yin..

I love ur blog so very very much..
wondering how can u make such a nice cake decorating..

btw,i think u need more power when it come to bread..more power to knead...so it become very elastic dough..
eniwei..can wait ur next project...

robiewankenobie said...

it is worth the investment in julia child's "baking with julia" book. you should also try different brands of yeast, and sourdough starters. believe you me, with all the amazing things you cook? you'll be able to conquer bread.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love visiting your blog and I love baking too! Baked bread couple of times and always had success, it's KILLING me to know that someone like you will have problems with bread. Could you describe what happens? I'm sure many others would like to help too! Maybe your dough's not proofed enough, u gotta pinch it and see if it DOESN'T bounce back. ;) keep on trying! Bread is pretty simple!!

Anonymous said...

I find that using a machine to mix always works out best!

Squishy said...

Looking at the pictures of your bread it really does look like its not proofing properly. My bread always turns out great, I don't know but if you would like to try the recipe it's on my blog. When you are proofing it try putting it into a low oven to kick it off with a damp cloth laying over the top. Turn the oven off after you put it in and leave it for a good half an hour to grow. Then knead it again and proof it a second time in the shape or tin you would like it to be. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

keep trying! i'm sure you'll perfect it one day. it took me several years to even perfect pizza dough!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

sounds just like me b4. for years it frustrated me tt i could make wedding cakes but not bread! one night i just chucked the dough into my kenwood major, and tt was the beginning of successful, yummy bread. the secret lies in kneading it well bc of the hi-gluten in bread flour, n also in allowing enough time for the dough to proof.

Anonymous said...

i used to think I have no fate with breads and cakes.
somehow later i realized my bread always doesn't turn out like i want because i store them yeast inside the fridge *spank myself* haha. and my bread turns out better if i proof it during warm weather.
and cakes? no.. i haven't master it a bit. i left it all to my mom. i prefer to be in charge of all the breads please.

haha :D

Swapna said...

A Visit to your blog always makes my day brighter ,and I usually try to cook somehting delicious.
Keep up the good work

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

oh wow! the comments; helpful tips and encouraging words are overwhelming!! thanks so much! I'll be trying bread again soon! Cant wait to get it right! thanks guys!..oh tanks for the emails as well ;) the recipes were very helpful :P