April 18, 2007

When the going gets tough...the tough goes for a picnic~

*laughs* I know that isn't exactly the end phrase to the song. Life has been harsh on su lately...

I've almost completely lost it... Despite still having datelines to catch with Uni etc. I decided to give myself a chance to get it back together. It isn't exactly the most responsible thing to do; considering how I skipped 2 classes; called for some company and hopped on a bus to the city *guilty grin*
......*shrug*; I really do think I deserved a break today. Work and assignments have really piled on the stress and I've been giving it my full undivided attention since my last blog entry after coming home from Melbourne. I miss my blog...i miss cooking....I've gone cold turkey on my kitchen for 6 days straight! I did however piece up together an impromptu picnic for Jo and I. Wouldn't exactly call it 'cooking'....
I scored a nifty little picnic set+cooler bag+mat in the city today for half price. I somehow had to check right away if the picnic set was any good! ;) hehe.
I kicked off my shoes and had a satisfying roll on the grass.
Here's my shopping list I made up for a major picnic feast for 2~ *even had enough leftover to pack away and bring home*

  • 1/4 roast chicken ($2.88)
  • 3 slices deluxe ham ($0.75)
  • 1 bag gourmet lettuce ($2.00)
  • 1 punnet strawberries ($3.50)
  • 1 small bunch fruit ($2.70)
  • fresh mint leaves ($1.00)
  • Orange and mango juice concentrate ($1.59)
  • 1 carton vanilla custard ($1.79)
  • Roll of cream filled vanilla shortbread ($0.99)
  • 1 bag babybel cheese ($3.25)
  • 1 small tray antipasto eggplant in marinated olive oil ($3.95)
  • 2 round turkish bread rolls ($2.19)
  • 1 bottle fizzy lemonade ($2.25)

With $28.84... I made 2 LARGE sandwiches with beautiful trimmings; an eggplant and roast chicken salad, a miniature cheese platter with some extra bread and sweet grapes, nice fruity fizzful drinks and a plate of absolutely divine strawberry and custard dessert.
We parked ourselves on the grass in a cosy spot on Hyde Park. It was hard to get away from the crowd as the crowd was EVERYWHERE~ *laughs* It was lunch hour in the city and there were swarms of park-goers soaking up their share of sunshine all dressed from business suits to bikinis. We opted for a perfect slightly breezy, fairly shaded spot with just enough sunlight peeking through the trees above us. We laid out the mat, Jo helped pour the drinks while I sliced, stuffed and piled 4 plates full of yummy goodness! It was all too much for both our little tummy's. I recycled the strawberry punnet container to use as a take-out box for the salad we couldn't finish. The dessert plate didn't have much trouble being wiped clean though. *sigh* I'm still dreaming of its creamy, heavenly, strawberry-ful taste now...*wipes drool off face*

Well..I had a wonderful time; and I've been working harder and much better ever since my change of environment. Jo said something real funny today;
He said " You're like...Superman, you get energy from the Sun!~...you've been out in the sunshine for awhile and now you're all cheerful and energetic"
I may not be super..or much of a man either; but I do enjoy my time off in beautiful natural surroundings, playing with fresh ingredients and eating simple and delicious food. I guess the good ol' sun might have had something to do with it too...*shrug*


Anonymous said...

You take really gorgeous pix! Those strawberries look fabulously mouth-watering...

Which programme do you use to compile your picture collage? I use Picasa, but the pile ends up really messy, not like yours.

Anonymous said...

your sandwich looks wonderful. dare i ask for the recipe :p

i tried your chocolate lava cake and it was FANTASTIC! best of 5 recipes of choc cake!

thanks for sharing

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

michelle: hmmm....i've never had such a problem with picasa. Try taking less close up shots so they dont overlap as much. Leave a fair border around the image before piling the pics. That could possibly help. :S...I'm no pro myself ahah sorry..

pinkconfetti: Yes yes very easy...:P LOL...trukish bread, roast chicken breast, smoked ham slices, fresh gourmet lettuce and sliced babybel cheeses ;) it was just everything I had laid out....stuffed everything into a turkish pouch *giggle*
I'm happy you like the lava cake recipe :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks su-yin... actually i was curious about how your pics all look as though you arranged it side by side... Coz mine literally just look piled when i try to collage it on picasa so some pics are under another...