April 21, 2007

Relay for life

I've been on top of things with my crazy load of uni assessments and many of life's obligations lately. I have been working very hard throughout the week to make free time for the weekend. I had promised to join a team of 15 volunteers in our Relay for life charity event by the Cancer Council of Australia. The relay was to share hope for cancer survivors and to support cancer research in Australia.It's 9.30am and I've just returned from the relay at the University oval. My team and I had been taking turns walking around the oval from 4.20pm last night till 9.20am this morning.The walk started off with ribbon cutting and all volunteers walking together on the first lap with other survivors of cancer. Was truly inspirational...the night was for everyone who's life has been touched by cancer; it was to give hope to those fighting cancer and to remember those weve lost.
There were another 20-30 teams of UNSW student volunteers joining in the relay and camping out with us last night. I wish we had a tent. Everyone else had a tent *pout* ...we had to sleep under the stars..on a mat...an uncomfortable one! *laughs* I live 2 minutes away from the University and had duck home during my walking shift breaks for some eye shut. I'm not too big a fan of mosquitoes and sleeping bags. Owen; our team leader had set a schedule out for us in pairs where we walked for 20 minutes and rested for 2 hours throughout the relay. Each team of 2 people had 7 shifts of 2o minutes to walk throughout the night.
Up to this point...what I had done sounds pretty painful doesn't it?Well...to tell you the truth...despite my sprained ankle and eye bags down to my cheeks; I
had fun. I had a good time and completing my 7 shifts all night felt pretty good. It was so difficult to pull myself out of bed, flop a jacket over my pyjamas and drag my feet over to the University oval for the 1am, 4am. and 6am shifts...but I didn't miss a single one. The sense of accomplishment after having set out a task, and actually completing it is certainly satisfying.The Cancer council had put up so many activities to keep us entertained all evening. There were terrific bands playing music from sunset to nightfall and there were ample activities and games to keep everyone happy and awake.
I felt pretty sorry for the dude on the microphone throughout the entire night though; he had been trying real hard to keep everyone entertained all day with jokes, commentary, games, competitions, riddles and announcements; even at early hours of the morning! I don't think he had any sleep at all! I cant imagine trying to crack a joke with no sleep at 6 in the morning. I guess he eventually began to run out of ideas when he had a 'thong'-(slippers) throwing competition; to see who can throw the furthest, and if someone hits him with it, they win a prize *laughs*...poor dude.I took pictures throughout the walk...and even pictures of some fun and games. The CIRSOC (Circus society) of UNSW had a team in the relay and provided some entertainment for us as they practiced their fire spins and quirky stunts. *sigh* I wish I could do cartwheels :(
  • Jelly Wrestling...was gross..but funny nonetheless...funny cause I wasn't in it! HAHA :P
  • Boys dressed in drag ( They had a pageant and a dancing competition ..was funny)
  • giant JENGA!!!! This was terrific!
  • Handsome hunk with free hugs. How cute~
  • Free badge making. I made at least 15 of these! They had tons of national geographic magazines and I went crazy making badges for my bag! It's addictive! I want to buy one of these badge making thing-ys! So cool... *grin*
Breakfast was served in the morning...we had yummy pikelets freshly made with honey and jam. Unfortunately most of us were too tired to think of food. Sleep was topping the list. *laughs*Time for me to *recharge* now...I still have lots to do with my assignments before I leave for my day trip to Newcastle tomorrow. Cant WAIT! I've never been to Newcastle...I've heard good things. I'll be making picnic food for our road trip! Will have recipes for them posted up by Monday *cross-fingers*(I hope) :P...hee


B said...

wow, what a great effort for a great cause! Congrats on finishing this, its truly inspirational :) Love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I just went to Newcastle last week.. It's pretty ... boring though.. but hunter valley was pretty though

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

brooke: thanks for your kind comments..:) Hope to hear from you soon! Have u tried any of the recipes?

swee: *DAng IT*! haha

Julie said...

Wow, I was researching Relay ideas for the upcoming 2008 season here in the USA (Hemet, CA.) and I found your blog! I got some great ideas! What a great thing this Relay is. I'm so proud to see that it's not just here that we walk. I had no idea it was in other countries too! Fantastic! I too have a blog and want to add you to my blogging friends. Will you continue to relay???