April 12, 2007

YumMy Fudge-y...Su's Getting Pudge-y *hee*

I can't decide if I regret my 4 full ridiculously irresponsible eating spree days in Melbourne. From sweets, gelato and cakes...hot crisp fries to delicious pizza's...It didn't occur to me that I should resist any of it at that time. *laughs* The many hours of slogging through gym to work it off didn't cross my mind at all. I guess I'll have to just sacrifice the extra effort after having indulged in my many sinful treats. I'm happy...I had my taste of the yummy side of Melbourne.
of course I took pictures!
Su's never complete without her precious lenses.
My dining experience is never perfect without a beautifully taken photograph of the chef's 'culinary masterpiece'~
I'm such a blogger....it's painful. *laughs*

Now...let's go through some tempting eye-candy, drooling and *MmmmMm's * together before I finish off with a fudge I popped out of my handy microwave. You can't really tell it's made in less than 15 minutes! Tastes and looks pretty impressive if you ask me. Perfect for dainty gifts or just to pig out quietly at home *grin*

Browsing the Deli @ the markets..

Piping hot Jam-filled donuts from the market...I never miss these each time I'm in town.Gelato from Lygon st.

Breakfast sourdough muffin+ scrambled eggs , bacon + miserable leaf of spinach *laughs*
Lord of the fries...need I say more? *sigH* the craving never stops. *drool*...I wish I took a photo before we devoured the entire boxful.

Fiery hot Shanghainese Fish hot-pot @ Chinatown...the chili was CRAZY~

Fancy-schamcy European restaurant @ Crown casino. Impressive display of cakes, nice atmosphere...hopeless service...dry cakes...good cocktails....made a hole in our wallets. Not going there again; well maybe just for the honeycomb cheesecake *yum*

Dainty and quaint little cafe down Brunswick St. A name I have difficultly pronouncing..*giggle* French sounding things intimidate me. Had brunch; was good...we were all smiles...the hot chocolate was lip-smacking too~
We had another trip down Brunswick...for more shopping. Stopped by A cafe cheekily named "Red tongue". Was a good place to rest our legs from running in and out of shops all morning. There was a coffee shop; with freshly roasted coffee beans; Atomica if I'm not mistaken. Coffee was superb....wish I took photographs.Stopped by a Korean joint "Seoul Garden"on Exhibition St...reasonably priced, good food...excellent service. The outside was done-up a little creepy...not too inviting; but as we walked in, the surroundings began to look more attractive.

Chocolate liquor Fudge
3/4 cup condensed milk
70gms butter chopped
1 cup dark brown sugar
2 tbsp glucose syrup
200gms coarsely chopped good quality dark chocolate
1/4 cup chocolate liquor (use baileys/Kahlua/frangelico if you like)
Melt condensed milk, butter, sugar and glucose in a large microwavable bowl for 2 minutes on high. Stir every 30 seconds. When sugars are fully dissolved and mixture is smooth; throw in chocolate and liquor. Stir well to make a glossy smooth paste. Line a square tin/tupperware with some greaseproof cookie paper and pour the mixture in. Leave to cool for an hour and pop it in the fridge for another couple of hours to allow it to set.

**To make the swirl design; melt white chocolate chips with some condensed milk to form a workable paste.*remember white chocolate melts faster and at a lower temp in comparison to dark* Drop in blobs of white on the dark chocolate and use a skewer to randomly swirl around the surface to create pretty swirl effect. Here's one I did with dark on white.

**Edit: :P *LOL*Thanks for picking out my errors guys...I overlooked one too many.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fudge recipe, will try it out! Glad you had a great time here at Melb. :)

P/S: It's Exhibition Street btw, not Entertainment. Heh.

Brilynn said...

That is my type of fudge! I love the liqour addition.

Anonymous said...

hey there. i love baking and travelling too. Sadly, in the last few weeks, thanks to baking and eating too many cakes, i put on almost 5kg! Just wondering, how do u manage to enjoy good food and maintain your weight?

marias23 said...

oh my lord! what a great trip you made to melbourne. sigh~ it just further reminds me of the sad state of gelaterias in the US. i luuurve gelato!

and your fudge recipe looks yummy. will have to try it soon!

ViNi said...

Just dropping a hi. I don't comment much, but I always read your blog!!! And miss you sometimes :) Your energy is amazing la. Mwaahs!

Bev said...

Girl everytime i come to check up on your blog ... i've always got a full stomach....... and by the time i finsh reasding.... it;s empty....

if my waistline starts expanding you realise i AM going to blame you for it :P

Jessie Woo said...

Oh my how to work now u tell now how to WORK .. with ur Choc Fudge pic .. my saliva adi dripping jor :P
*tummy making noise somemore*

Anonymous said...

im wondering. how did u manage to put the 2photos into a picture. example the picture with this caption:"Piping hot Jam-filled donuts from the market...I never miss these each time I'm in town." did u use adobe? pls teach me. thank u.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

anonymous: I make such ridiculous mistakes with my type up sometimes. I should really get the habit of reading it over before publishing! *laughs*

brilynn: wow..ive missed ya! LOL

anonymous (2): Gym i guess? i've been slacking myself..piling on a couple of kilos myself...haha I guess i rather have food than good looks! >.<

maria: I sure hope the recipe works out for you :)

vini: :) haha...thanks dear..I've missed hearing from you. My new canon rocks ;) ty

bev: wow...its been awhile..haha...im so sorry bout your waistline. Stop being such a girl; i bet you look fine :P

jessie: LOL *rubs jessie's tummy* better now? Haha

anonymous(3): I make that with Picasa2...its a free photo editing program which allows me to make collages from google.

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

here are a couple more must-try if you are in Melbourne.

Tempura Hajime
Jamon Sushi

I am willing to bet none like those would be available in Sydney, =). After all, who would be so daring to build a restaurant that seats only a dozen client =)

FYI, if you are craving for real great gelato, try Mango & Coconut/lychee in Gelato Messina at VIctoria St, Darlinghurst. This is a real formidable match to that Lygon St gelato! Also do stay away from Passion FLower. I just can't believe that I had to pay 5$/ scoop for its PREMIUM (yet inferior) taste!

Anonymous said...

I'm Amazed!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su, your choc fudge looks great. I'm going to try it out since it doesnt take long (I'm a dummy in cooking).

May I change the butter with margarine? & glucose syrup with honey?

Cheers, Yully