April 23, 2007

To Newcastle and BACK!

You can tell I'm happy with the fact that I am BACk~; *grin*

warned me a day too late, I woke up this morning to a comment she posted on my previous entry about Newcastle being pretty boring. Well she was right.
How about the scenery?
... errr......well... there were a couple of pretty countryside views I guess..not much to see on the trip along the Sydney-Newcastle highway....but it was a quaint little town with fairly lush parks when we got there. There were no tall buildings in sight. I guess it was a refreshing change.I've heard from several adventurers that the beaches were spectacular; but we didn't exactly have a local/map of Newcastle to direct us to the good stuff. We maneuvered our way to the city center with a dodgy lil map from whereis.com.au. The boys were in Newcastle for a purpose...I was there just to tag along, cheer and be able to say "I've been to Newcastle~"
I learnt a couple of things from the local Australians about this fairly busy lil town. The city was famous for its port and mining industries, but apparently when the steel mine shut down, things began to slow down and residents gradually left for more job opportunities in Sydney. Located fairly close to the hunter valley and its gorgeous vineyards; Newcastle became a tourist hangout for fancy eateries and laid back entertainment/activities. I was impressed at the good job they've done with preservation of architectural elements of the city's past. It was getting dark when and my photographs didn't exactly do them any justice. Shan't post them up *grin*We left for the highway at about 10.30 in the morning and by 12, we were already closing in to the city center where the boys were headed for a breakdancing competition.

*the bboy comp.
*Our beautiful Japanese spectators ;)

*mini bboys...so cute!

*the big guys

As noon crept up on us; the driver began crying for a leg stretch; and so, we clumsily stumbled around for a spot at Honeysuckle drive where there was a fair crowd forming at lunch time. We were looking for a "park" of some sort to stop for a picnic; but didn't have a clue where to begin looking. With less than an hour to spare; we kicked back along the dockside of Honeysuckle drive where the tourists were roaming. View wasn't exactly spectacular...but it was SOMEwhat a water view *grin*
Here's the recipes for salmon, egg sandwiches we had; and some bread dip sticks I made with the bread crusts I cut off to neaten the sandwiches. Its such a good way to use up those wasted end bits from sandwiches, they were a big hit with the boys.

15 slices Wholemeal/whole grain bread
5 slices smoked salmon
1 sprig lemon thyme chopped fine
2 tbsp french onion dip to spread
1 handful gourmet lettuce
1 hard boiled egg mashed with 1 tbsp mayonnaise and dash of white pepper

Slice approximately 1 cm off of the slices of bread, set aside. To stack the sandwiches; lay 3 matching slices of bread out; spread the bottom and top sandwich layer with french onion dip; lay salmon slice onto bottom sandwich layer, sprinkle with chopped lemon thyme and spread egg mixture onto center slice of bread. Top middle layer with lettuce and stack bread layers together. Slice through the center and repeat. Be sure to keep the sandwiches chilled; they're nice eaten fairly cold.
For the bread sticks;
Place sticks in a large bowl. Drizzle olive oil over the sticks and generously sprinkle garlic powder, dried oregano flakes and good quality sea salt to taste. Toss gently...GENTLY...try to keep the shape of the sticks intact. Lay bread sticks length wise on a baking tray lined with foil. Pop these under the preheated 170 degree grill for 5-6 minutes, flipping them occasionally to get them browned on all 4 side.
Use these with dips, eat them on their own...or even in a cheese fondue!
After a satisfying lunch of the many things I've packed with us; we made our way back to the car and headed for the competition in Newcastle's city center. We drove past many beautiful green picnic spots on the way there! *GRrrr* we've already eaten~ DAng IT!


Anonymous said...

hey… lets do a mini foodbloggers meet-up sometime between this and next week ? I’m going back to M;sia soon :( u free?

Anonymous said...

hey su-yin,

aren't you meant to be at uni? s-t-u-d-y-i-n-g? you're always jetsetting to malaysia, melbourne, now newcastle? (just kidding)

that's what i like about you. you are 'living in the now' just like what garth said from "wayne's world". you can see it in your cooking. your photos. your travels. your blog.

its such a 'breath of fresh air'. everytime i read it, your blog always manages to put a smile on my face.

σοφια said...

where do you meet all these malaysian people?? I've been in sydney for a year and haven't met many malaysians at uni. gotta admit, maybe it's coz I'm half asleep most of the time. =)

-*Leena*- said...

Su Yin.. Lee Na here..remember me? I'm Wei Hon's cuzz. from Relay for Life..:) wow ur blog is so interesting.:-)
feel so inspired to try out one of ur recipes dii..looks so good..
the relay was fun hehe but i fell asleep cuz couldn't take it di lol.
tataz and take care!

Anonymous said...

Like the random pic.. :P

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

jp: LOL...I try to make time for life beyond uni...and beyond blogging sometimes...thanks so much for your encouraging words. Keeping up with blogging, cakes and uni obligations makes it so difficult to want to do more. Most of my plans and activities are spontaneous; its hard to plan far ahead with everything happening at the same time. Will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Tried any recipes?

sophie: Theyre EVERYWHERE! haha..I don't have a gazillion malaysian friends here but i do know a fair few. Y don't you try joining the malaysian society at uni? We have one at UNSW. What uni are you at btw?

leena: Hey hey~ yea...nice jacket ;) hehe

kay: random=sweet...LOL

Unknown said...

Hey. Just found your blog through Kotaku linking your Mario cake, but I'll admit I'm more interested in your other cooking things - I'm no chef but I'm learning, thanks to a friend.
Thought I'd leave a comment here because I'm a Newcastle native. And I've never heard of Newcastle being called a 'quaint little town' before. ;)

Nice to meet (?) you!