February 28, 2007

Making Red Hot Chili Jam

The 3 of us have constant cravings for anything spicy. It could be from our native Malaysian cuisine were acquainted to....or might just be coincidental that we all love chili~.
I must admit, it makes things easy for me in the kitchen. "You don't like it?" - add chili ; "It has no flavour?"- add chili...."tastes funky?" - you guessed right; add chili!~ *laughs* It's not the peppery taste or spice flavours we crave; it's the exciting and tingly burning sensation from chillies which always seem to hit the spot.
Most chefs get annoyed or even insulted when customers request for ketchup/sauces at a restaurant. It probably comes from a Malaysian habit of adding chili sauce to everything! We don't do that at home....well...rarely at least. *cheeky grin*
I try to always taste the pizza before adding chili flakes/ Tabasco sauce....after a slice or two; I go crazy with the seasonings! Pizza just isn't pizza without the Tabasco zing! Italians....please forgive me *squint*For the less daring; try green and yellow large chillies...go with bell peppers if you're an absolute beginner. Lil red Birds eye chillies for the brave and killer hot jalapenos for the connoisseurs!

Here's my ode to my favourite vegetable;

The Chili

1 can chopped tomatoes (use 4 chopped fresh ripe ones if you like)
4-5 large chilies of your choice (Use 4 for birds eye chilies /jalapenos)
3 cloves garlic thinly sliced
1/2 heaped tbsp ground ginger
3 tbsp sugar
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 cup dry red wine
Salt to taste

Cook all ingredients in a thick base saucepan on low heat, stirring occasionally for approximately 30-40 minutes. Chilies and tomatoes should be cooked to a thick mush. Cool and store refrigerated in an airtight jar.
I served the jam on toasted Turkish slices and lightly salted roast sweet potatoes. The jam has hints of sour from the tomatoes. Sweet kumara potatoes helps balance that out perfectly. Preference may vary for everyone...so taste as you go along; adding salt or sugar as you see fit.

If the jam turns out to spicy and you find yourself fanning your wide open mouth frantically; reach out for some cold milk or a piece of bread! Sweet things like ice cream and fruit help too. Just remember not to rush for the nearest cup of cold water; that will just prolong the suffering *oOoW*~

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Miss Tiffie said...

Everything savory tastes better with added spice. I LOVE spicy food!!! Even chocolate tastes good with chili!!