March 2, 2007

It'll be a year soon...

An attentive friend of mine reminded me of my blog's 1st birthday creeping up soon. I was taken aback slightly; it seems like just yesterday when I first began blogging...pretty hard to believe I've been blogging for a year now.
I vaguely remember the good ol' times when I took photographs with a 2.0 mega pixel camera, and was excited to see 30 readers on my site meter! *laughs*
Just for old times sake; I picked out a recipe I've made a long time ago; punched it up a little bit; took the cheese out, made it healthier *wink* :P
I added a thin layer of thick sugar syrup on the surface before popping it in the oven.
25g unsalted butter
30gms ground almonds
25gms plain flour
2 eggs
40gms castor sugar
2 cups diced can peaches

Beat butter, sugar and eggs till light and creamy. Lightly fold in sifted flour and almond meal. Stir butter and peaches in gently. Wrap filling accordingly in filo sheets
(Follow recipe link : HERE)

The crisp layer of caramelized sugar on top gave the strudel pastry a delicious wrap.
How have I progressed through the month guys?
Here...have a comparison! *grin*


Anonymous said...

happy 1 year anniversary, i myself am busy with preparation for many other anniversary's!!! Happy Cooking!!!

Babe_KL said...

happy blog anniversary! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey SuYin, I was googling 'pan-fried salmon' when I stumbled upon ur blog and I was so happy that I have found very very detailed instructions, perfect for a beginner like me hehe. And and and! I think I might actually know you :D
From our Interact Club days. I was from MGS, me and my elder sister, Suet Yee actually :)
Feels really nice to cross ur path again :D

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks babe :)

suet mei: OMG!!! its sOOO nice to hear from you...I can't believe you've found me here! Seems like forever since we've met! Please do send me an email....or contact me; would love to hear more from both of you! Add me on msn: :)
We should catch up!