August 17, 2006

1 more day to go....(Day 4)

5 Day Diet

I'm actually quite proud of myself...It's day 4...and I haven't slipped yet (excluding the accidental cookie incident which I've decided to make Eddy fully responsible *evil grin*) Haha.
I can't wait to get on the scales tomorrow and see how I've done! I had a sneak peek at the gym today and I'm pretty impressed! Hehe...I'll have diet verdicts from all 3 of us on my entry tomorrow.
These are several meals which I've made for lunch and dinner the past couple of days. Thursdays and Fridays are "killer-busy" uni days and I've been having a hard time keeping up. This entry will need to be short and sweet.....I've got an assignment due at 2pm tomorrow and my progress has been extremely slow. I would gladly exchange a "pail" of freshly baked cookies for someone who would volunteer to do it for me! Hehe...any takers? *sneaky*
Chinese Omelete with chicken and capsicumThis was fairly easy to make with the help of my trusty non-stick pan. I didn't expect too much from fried eggs with not even a drop of oil; but I was surprisingly impressed. Use lots of freshly diced capsicum and garlic. A good tip would be to marinated the chopped pieces of chicken in some pepper and soy sauce before hand. Add soy sauce to the beaten eggs and sprinkle freshly chopped shallots on top before folding the omelete over.

Blanched Asparagus and long beans
These tasted a little bland and uninteresting. But a dash of lemon juice, sea salt and mint leaves helped punch up the flavors a little. It had a good crunch to it though. :)

Chicken breast fillets with Indian flavors
Marinate chicken in:
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp salt
1 tsp tumeric powder
2 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp ground cumin
squeeze of lemon juice
Pan fry on a nonstick pan and serve with veges. It's a good idea to marinate the chicken overnight to allow it to soak up the flavors. I loved how this tasted! Other than the slightly edges :P ..haha! Thumbs up! YUM!

Summer salad tossed with kalamata olives and toasted walnuts.
I loved the colors and the crunchy textures from this salad. I used a low fat Caesar salad dressing which I personally feel was quite disappointing, but the toasted walnuts in the salad was a huge improvement and the juices from the olives helped give the flavors a boost.


Lex said...

Even your diet meals look sooooo yummy!

yee yee (phooi see ) said...

hello yee yee here

well done .looking at your blog
come back and cook for me. will be coming into your blog more often

Su-Yin said...

lex: lol..bright colours and different textures make eating diet food alot more enjoyable!

yeeyee: HEY!!! haha so excited to see your comment :) WIll definitely make something for everyone when im home

locura said...

Hey, you have a really great blog! Do you have anything along the lines of brocolli and cheese sauce?
thanks! :D

bryant said...

you have a gift for plating. :)

Su-Yin said...

locura: hey :) thanks I make brocolli and cheese for dinner at home soemtimes...but the girls sometimes worry about the excessive cheese in our meals and I've cut down on many cheesy delights since! But ill probably make a dish of broc and cheese soon..not next week though, probably the week after

bryant: haha thanks...plating...hmmm...i plate well LOL

Anonymous said...

Your site was fun to look at. I have a TON of allergies (food and environmental), but it's still fun to read about baking and cooking. I used to do both all the time before I was diagnosed. Please feel free to visit ...Menopause....what an adventure and what a time for time for evaluating one's life.