August 18, 2006

Its finally over!! (Day 5)

5 day Diet

Su Yin
I'm happy! I didn't think I could complete the 5 days without clipping my lips together with a clothes peg to stop myself from eating! Haha. It wasn't too difficult and my daily gym regime helped keep my mind off baking/injecting more unwanted calories into my thighs! The greens became a little too monotonous after a couple of days. Despite how I tried to make them taste different everyday, not being able to use too much salt/oil or dressing made it fairly unachievable. The snacks were REALLY helped keep me going and satisfied my constant need to eat. I lost a couple of kg's!! Hehe and I'm pretty proud of myself! But I guess you could assume 2 kg's could possibly be mostly water weight.*shrug* I use the scale at the Unigym daily and I've been monitoring myself since Monday. Overall...I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved and I hope I'll look good in my swimmers this weekend! Im going sailing!! WooHooo!!

Cant believe I survived but I am extremely proud of myself and to tell you the truth I kinda liked it ..Day 1 was tough to start and we found the chicken horrible as it was too dry. As I didn'’t eat breakfast or lunch, when it came to dinner time man was I hungry. Out of all the days the best meal we had was on day 4 that chicken was edible in fact I don't mind having it normally not just as a dietary meal. Overall I feel really good about myself and wouldn't mind doing it again


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Su Yin: ...she's gone to a show with her friends...stuffed herself with a satisfying meal from Mc Donalds before she left...*tsk tsk* that naughty naughty girl...Haha

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diddy said...

you're so pretty! You don't need to lose weight! Eating better does make one feel better, so congrats on getting through it!