July 24, 2006

Guest Chef: Priyanka a.k.a Pinky

I shall be introducing a couple of guest chefs and their personal recipes in the coming months. Anyone interested in putting on my apron?My very first "Guest Chef" entry shall be my dear housemate Priyanka; remaking her Mom's delicious South Indian Style fish Curry.Pinky was presented a priceless old recipe journal neatly handwritten and compiled through the years by her Mom;Dr Siriander Devi to help encourage her to learn to cook. The recipe book is filled to the brim with bound pages of family-oriented recipes and almost spilling out with leaflets and written copies of cakes, cookies and puddings alike!
Pinky hardly cooks much at home; but when she does her mom's curries....MmMMm yummm...*licks lips*
Don't be put off by the long list of ingrdients...it's definitely worth the trouble!
  • 5 tomatoes diced
    6-18 pieces fish marinated in garlic+ginger juice
    2 small lebanese brinjals cut into lengths and prefried in hot oil
  • 6 small onions (red)+ 3 pips garlic diced
    2 green chillies cut into half
    curry leaves washed
  • 1 lime ball of tamarind made into paste with 1/2 cup hot water
    3 tbsps full fish curry powder
    2 tbsp chilli powder
    1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    (add curry powder, chilli powder and cumin seeds together and mix into a paste with 1/4 cup water)
    1 lvl tsp mustard seeds
    1 lvl tsp fenugreek
    1 lvl tsp cumin seeds and fennel seeds

Heat oil in pan and add garlic+onions+chilli+spices till brown. Add curry paste and stir to combine. Add in tamarind paste+salt (to taste) and allow to simmer for awhile. Add in diced tomatoes and wait for the mixture to boil. (Add extra water if necessary). When aromatic, add fish and cook for 15 minutes. Stir in brinjals and simmer till flavours are incorporated. Be careful not to stir the curry too vigorously as not to break up the pieces of fish/ mash the tomatoe pieces.Best eaten a day after its cooked...with roti canai! YUM!!
*this one's for you lara :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and I'm REALLY impressed with your skills! Not mentioning how inspired I am to experiment with cooking more. :) Anyway, just a quick question - whereabouts can you get tamarind in the shops, and how is it usually packaged? I'm from Melbourne but I figured that things might be quite similar down here. Thanks!


Su-Yin said...

Hey Gwen...thanks for the compliment; I'm glad I've inspired people to cook more often (In Australia; definitely saves heaps of money! LOL)
Tamarind paste can be purchased at most asian food stores. It's commonly used in THai and South Indian cuisine, so that might be a good direction to begin looking. Some come in jars, some in boxes and plastic wrapped within. Try asking for tamarind paste/tamarind juice. Shouldn't be too difficult to find. GOod luck! :)

Puspha said...

WOW!!!!! Yummylicious!!!!! Drooling here.

Anonymous said...

hi, i happen to bump into yr blog. Wow! How i admire you being such a gd cook at a young age while still coping wif studies. You make me feel embarassed.LOL. Anyway i just wan to say thanks for the curry recipe. I cooked it today and it was marvellicious. I will keep on reading for more recipes for me to try. TQ so much for seting up this blog and this helps me in my cooking skills, which i am trying to pick.

Su-Yin said...

Hey anony...?....*lol* thanks for the compliments*blush* it wasn't necessary; I bet if you spent as much time in the kitchen playing with food and utensiles as I do, you'd probably be a great cook as well! Haha

i'm glad the curry worked out for you...extra thanks to pinky for sharing her mom's great recipes with us! *hugz* pinky!