May 2, 2006

Pancakes for the chocoholic

Ever since the party on Saturday, I've had a pot of melted chocolate from the fondue sitting in my fridge going to waste. Scooping and eating the delicious, smooth and ever so tempting mixture with a spoon would be just sinful; although I did think about it on several fridge-raiding occasions. I decided to try to get rid of it a little at a time. I started off this morning, by making my favourite ricotta pancakes; with tiny little chocolate chip surprises in between them. I got the 'chocolate chips-in-pancake-batter' idea from one of my favourite weekly cooking magazines. My personal recipe for ricotta pancakes went well the with smooth chocolate topping and was made even more delectable with tiny oozes of chocolate from the center of the thick and fluffy pancakes. I was going to add a handful of toasted walnuts to the pancakes instead of strawberries but I didn't have time....Oh well, there's always next time.

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Anonymous said...

so how do you make em??