May 1, 2006

Caramel gems and something a little strange

I'll start off with these sweet little bursts of indulgence;They are sooo absolutely rich. extremely sweet and delectable, I had to cut the slices of these caramel delights as tiny as I could as they should be consumed in delicate pieces and for those on a diet; a teeny bite a day! I would only recommend these evil desserts to those with a sweet tooth. Here is the recipe.
250 g plain biscuits crushed
80g melted butter
4 large dollops of caramel (you can either buy/make some on your own with brown sugar cooked with butter+milk/pouring cream)
200g melted milk chocolate

Add butter to biscuit crumbs and press down into base of tupperware/tin lined with greaseproof paper/cling wrap. Pour caramel mix over cookie base. Top with melted chocolate and leave to set overnight.
I guess we could call these the homemade typical caramel slice. Here you can gauge the level of sweetness and personalize the thickness of the 3 different layers to suit, for example; by making a thicker cookie base for those who would like it to be less sweet and a tall chocolate layer for chocoholics! My recipe with its proportions are just a guide. Omit, add or reduce as you please. Nothing about cooking should be rigid. *shrug*
For example this strange little 'pizza-looking-pie'. It is my strange version of having nasi lemak on bread! I had a ton of leftover lebanese bread and some sambal left in the fridge; so I thought...why not? I gave the bread a good smear of sambal sauce, several thinly sliced onions, dashes of chopped lemongrass, diced shallots, broke an egg in the center and popped it under the grill. For those who are lost, Nasi lemak is a Malaysian dish comprising rice cooked in coconut milk served with a spicy sauce (sambal), cucumbers slices, toasted peanuts and eggs. Nasi in Malay refers to rice and lemak refers to the coconut milk which the rice is infused with. I had neither Nasi nor Lemak in my funky little dish...I shouldn't call it Nasi Lemak should I?

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