May 8, 2006

For the love of peanut butter

As some of you may know; I am creamy-peanut-butter's biggest fan! About 3 days ago I had a blog entry on Mars bar cookies make with chocolate chip caramel cookie dough. I used half of the dough from the full recipe and decided to freeze the other portion to bake another day. I defrosted the frozen dough this afternoon and paired it with my favourite peanut butter frosting. They were delightfully peanut-buttery! and ever so satisfying.The peanut butter frosting I have here was made by mixing 2 heap tablespoons full of creamy Kraft peanut butter with 1/4 cup icing sugar and 1/2 tbsp of golden syrup. I topped the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with dallops of frosting and dusted icing sugar and cocoa lightly on top.
Its been a hectic at University has definitely been cutting down my cooking and blogging time. I definitely hope to be back on track with my cooking adventures as soon as my lecturers decide to give us a break!

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