February 9, 2012

and so.. i've got this TO-DO list

Which i generally cherish when I need guidance and discipline at work.

Nothing in it has to do with actually baking cakes. The cake n order lists are posted all over my weekly 'wall' in the yummy cake workroom.
This is more a 'life' list. it has the word BLOG BLOG BLOG written and circled all over it each time it's updated. and you can tell I'm not very good at taking instructions from my list. Haha
The long hiatus has been from a holiday I gave myself just after the mad Chinese New Year rush we had at the Delectable. I went away with the family to a far away land, prettier, colder and definitely more exciting than the daily dose of Kuala lumpur I'm fed with daily.
Now that I'm home; Valentines day hits me in a face like a splash of cold water on a hot and humid Malaysian day! Time to get a whiff of all that LOVE in the air!

My game plan is to start with the littler tasks first and drink many many espresso shots along the way *hehe*

Here's my idea of 'little' cakes

Cute EH!?

I can't wait for more orders for these cupcakes so i can make a host of different designs on them.


Bobo said...

you know what, i just love the idea of the little tier cakes!
love love love it! you are so creative.

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Hi Sue..
I've been coming to blog every possible time. I love what you do. You have great ideas..
Yesterday I was at The Gardens and saw you..wanted to say hi but you looked busy talking to yr staff *I guessed*. Anyway..keep up the good work!

Man with Van said...

Being a man, Im not a big fan of anything Valentine's day-related, but these macarons look soo good. I believe they will make a nice gift to my beloved one!