August 22, 2011

Selamat! HARi raya~...Da dA da...DA da da DA DA!

*sings a happy tune*
The festivities started off pretty late this year... but as the end of fasting month drew closer, we had a big surge of last minute raya orders and shoppers. The elves and I have been overwhelmed with customized orders, hampers, cookie requests and all sorts in the past week.

*check our facebook PAGE for pricing and contact information for bookings

and when all this drama is over... Mid Autumn mooncake festival will be upon us! So excited!! hehe i've got good plans for that one~


Jim said...

there is nothing so yummy as mooncakes.

some times I wish I could have them more often.

I wonder if I'd ever grow tired of them?

I think not.

D said...

Dear Su.

Have been following your blog and dessert world for years and I love, love, love what you create!! Finally, I will be in Kuala Lumpur at the end of this month.
I will be at the Bintag...which Delectable should I visit, so that I can meet the Delectable family and their goodies?
I would love to meet you :)if you are not bus...


Heidi said...

Hi Su!

I have been following your blog since you were at Notter School back in May 2008. Wow I can't belive it has been soo long already :D :D.

Anyway I am a big admirer of your talent and creativity. And I have really been impressed with how you set up your own business. It looks perfect from all the pictures.

I have been a silent follower but now I'm travelling around the world and am coming to Kuala Lumpur and I just could not resist telling you that one of my first stops will be your store. I can't wait :D :D

All the best

Heidi from Estonia

Shu Han said...

these are cute! this is my first tiem at your blog and it's always nice meeting fellow bloggers who have decided to follow their interest in food and I'm happy for you (: