June 1, 2011

Getting my feet wet

I remember being very afraid of the ocean when I was a child. Just staring out into this vast unknown blanket of blue often made me fear what was beneath it's shimmery layers of reflection from the sun.
Whenever I was given a choice, i'd choose the swimming pool.. :)
Much has changed since I've made daring attempts at snorkeling and diving to see what amazing creatures lurked in those waters. Under the surface... it is often so peaceful. Yes.. big fish eat little fish.. and sea urchins are creepy crawlies.. but if you watch them in their natural environment; it is more calm more than anything!I love the waters so much more now.. I don't know about waves (still not too skilled with the surf), but nothing beats dunking my toes into cool waters on a hot day out. I should get myself a beach house someday. MmmMmm *dreams*


Unknown said...

Cute shoes! And I love the cake!

I kind of prefer swimming in pools as well, there's not jellyfish o sharp rocks there... But when I go to Australia I really want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com said...

That finding Nemo cake and shoes looks so adorable :)

Yasmin said...

I LOVE THE NEMO CAKE!!! This is adorable!!!!

Beautiful, it reminds me of the happiness of the movie!


J.Wong said...

Very nice cake!!!! Haven't visited your blog for a long time lol but it seems like ur busier than ever and the cakes look better than ever!!!

I have a quick question

Does your store have a Facebook page??

Janine said...

I still have the fear (mainly because I can't swim) but I hope to overcome it too! And your recent cakes look amazing! I particularly like the beach-themed one a few posts back and the chatime one! :D

loestrin said...

Thats really a nice looking nemo cake. i loved the photographs of feet too.
thanks for sharing.

A humble and handsomeTaiping boy. said...

oh man.. where's dory? lol.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

lilly: heyhey! yeaaa i dont like jellyfish! unless i'm gonna eat it! hehe u should.. australia has amazing dive spots

kiran: ALways nice to hear from you dearest!

yasmin: It was one of my fav cartoons! so many sad bits too! hehe i was aiming clown fish, not so much nemo haha

j.wong: yeapyeap! u can search us on Delectable By Su

janine: haha it's fun to get to do strange cakes.. the wedding cakes get a little boring sometimes..

loestrin: glad u enjoyed them :)

taipingkaki: LOL she got lost :P from her short term memory hahaha