June 25, 2011

Doesn't matter if you speak French or English..

....we know what you mean when you ask for a MACARON! hehe :) I've just recently put out GIANT Macarons up on shelf at the Delectable outlets (Gardens & Pavilion) and it has been taking off like hotcakes! My Delectable 'elf' pei fung and I can't make em fast enough! LOL
Customers are so amused at my oversized sweet french babies in their pretty little ribboned boxes! I put out just 3 flavours.. Just 3... but just 3 super yummy macaron choices! *RM10/box of one delicious palm size macaron

1. Marmalade (Yellow)

Being Malaysian and having pronounced it "roon" for all the years I've known what they were.. it isn't easy trying to switch to "ron" after i realized this French sandwich almond meringue pastry is often confused with the coconut cookies in America called macaroons!

2. Caramel Latte (brown)

3. Pink Salt Chocolate (pink)

Much love to the macaron lovers of KL with generous feedback!


Lish said...

Hi - long time reader/stalker - but first time commenting! I love your work - seriously your creations are amazing!

I was wondering if you knew where I could source the cupcake cases that you use? I am in Australia - but there doesn't seem to be anyone here that sells them - so I am looking to ship internationally.

Thanks in advance!

Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

love the oversize macarons. Little tiny ones are gone far too quickly !

The boxes are seriously cute too.

Jim said...

those macarons look yummy. but all your recipes are awesome.

Unknown said...

Just went to your store today!
Bought the caramel latte!
Giant macaroon indeed!!

lili said...

is there any way for me to reserve 2 boxes for me to bring back to SG on 15 july? ;) it looks delicious!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

alicia: Hey stalker! hehehe em.. i think you can buy them online; or even try peters at kensington, i used to get them from there where i was in sydney.

sarah: Thanks sweetheart :)they are so yummy too!!

Jim: THats good! haha im not very detailed with the recipes; but i want people to add their own ideas and touches to them to make them personal. So much more fun.

よしくに みやこ + lili: Heya! you can always contact us at www.delectabletreats.com.my or
to make reservations and that sorta thing. we respond to queries and emails within the day :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Su,
I bought your palm size macarons yesterday at The Gardens and it was so amazing. I love the taste so much. Will buy it again coz I'm addicted to it. Thanks a millions!


Hankerie said...
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yummy said...

love the macarons but a bit shocked by the packaging! One plastic box for a macaron? Please say that it was only for the photo! Go Green Delectable! I <3 Reduce packaging