June 20, 2010

Not just a "Gwai mui jai".

A 'gwai mui jai' is literally (minus the racism): "white chick"
To say that I detest being called a gwai mui jai is an understatement. I get referred to in many ocassions by fellow Chinese (who think they are better than i am *hmph* haha) as this because it seems that I am culturally and verbally 'western'-ised. Does that make sense? Bah..
It isn't that I am trying to be caucasion; or i am denying my asian heritage.. I am who I am because of the different experiences I have had in my life. I am very proud to be Chinese; i just don't speak the language very much or often.. which then makes me bad at conversations. I can sing karaoke in chinese; I think that's good enough no? haha. I have understanding friends who feed the words and lyrics to me 2 seconds in advance through whispers as I sing. It's the only way I can fake it! hahaha (you know who you are ;) hehe)
But to be fair; they do generally use it with a gesture of endearment as opposed to it being a complete insult......

..as i was typing up this post on my work desk in the shop; someone has stolen my blackberry from right under my nose.
I AM INFURIATED? oh T#$*&@_@$$#*&$@(&$#@...
beyond angry.

humankind -100 points
su +10 stupidity

gotta split guys; catch up soon


Unknown said...

So sorry about the phone...and it's new!!
I remember the time I lost my new phone...and it's just a low end phone when white led backlights were first introduced...and I didn't even pay for it, I got it in a lucky draw.

Unknown said...

So sorry about your blackberry, I hate it when humankind let you down! x x x

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i m just as white as u lor..despite the extra bits abt speaking in canto..

i have to memorise the characters so i can sing in karaoke too!

pascale said...

oh not to worry about that, there will be more and more multi cultural people in the world in the coming future :)

My daughter has parents who are japanese and korean and she is learning english. The world is getting smaller :) people just need to catch up with you :)

sorry about your phone though :(

Ann said...

Don't feel bad about the GMJ comment. Just think of it this way, the person who said it might not know English well so they are jealous ...... do you feel a little bit better now? Keep writing the blog. I really enjoy every piece of work that you did.

vialentino said...

oh boy...wat a phone tragedy ... anyawy, nice bloggie here

Anonymous said...

Su! We <3 you, be whoever you want to be, screw the haters. :)

Christine said...

and I saw a rainbow at dusk last night....tops my day which was good too.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

It really sucks cause i had just put so much effort into setting up the applications and such perfectly!
There is so much evil in the world. Sucks :(

There will be days like so. so that's okay :) hehe

LunaMoonbeam said...

Just found your blog - A.DOR.A.BLE. And I had to chime in on the whole "gwai muih" thing. I'm a "real" Gwai Muih, but I lived in HK for a few years, and am fluent in Cantonese. Some of my BEST memories of visiting the Chinatown in NYC are going into shops, and shopkeepers talking to my (Chinese) husband about his "gwai muih" wife. The look on their faces when I answered them were PRICELESS. haha

So happy to find your blog! And STINKS about the blackberry. Some people just suck. :-(

Su Yee said...

Hey Su Yin.. be proud to be a "GMJ".. There's nothing wrong about it and I feel you. As long as we are true to ourselves, we have nothing to fear and no one to prove to ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!... I'm a GLEEK too btw..!! :)