April 8, 2010


Purpley dinosaur!

I would agree that the world is ready for an updated version of cuddly role models in purple haha; it's about time Barney handed down his crown after almost more than a decade! ..so much so that the anthem 'I love you.. you lov.... NO! not going there... I will ring in my head and torture me for the next 10 hours! haha
Dibo is trendier; slimmer, more flexible, angile and has lots more detail in terms of texture and wings! dibo has tiny lil wings! cuteness!

This beautiful 3D CGI TV Animation series is about a gift dragon named Dibo.

Make a wish, Dibo`s gift will make it come true!

Dibo is big, really big .... but he is the ultimate benefactor. He is the big brother that all kids dream about. When he greats friends, he squeezes himself to be smaller so that he can look eye-to-eye with the smaller ones. When he laughs, sometimes, he falls over backwards because he laughts so hard.

Dibo is the center of the programme, but not the center of the individual episodes. It is the other characters, Elo, Annie, Bunny and Cro who have challenges and make wishes.

Dibo is fun and willing to play with his friends in Cozy Land (and the children at home), but if there`s a problem he is always there to help. The most important thing to Dibo is the safety and happiness of his friends.

With its fantastic animation techniques and the special textile - soft look, Dibo is truly unique pre-schooler edutainment!


Jasara said...

your work is amazing! cute lil animals!!!

Megan Shady said...

So cute!!

Unknown said...

So cute! If I have chance to go to Kuala Lumpur, definitely have to visit your shop :* ^^

missklicious said...

The characters are so cute!!

SL said...

What a stunning work of edible art, great job and oh so cute! :)


Anonymous said...

they look FANTASTIC! did you hear my applaud? (:

Oliver Yeow said...

Really so cute and nice, loves all your creations! Did u do delivery to Singapore?? :)
From, cheahlee

Tan Jek Hui said...

I follow Dibo because of my kids :) Dibo is wayyyy cooler than Barney.

Sil Frebrian said...

how did you do this? so awesome!