March 30, 2010


What do you think you'd be doing when you turn 50?

I know I'd be dancing! At gym! at home? At the grocery store! ...and I'll would imagine having children i'm terribly proud of and making a hobby out of nagging them to the ground! *laughs*
I would still be doing cakes; but they'd be out of this world! stuff you can't imagine cake could be! They'd be super duper awesome and have crazy coolness written all over them! My kids would think "PWOoaRGHH! LOOK at what MOM made!" My hubby then would shrug it off and say "Yeap; another beautiful masterpiece... nothing beats your delicious lasagne at dinner tonight though" I'd then tilt the newspaper away from his under his nose to give him an eskimo kiss! *teehee

I dream lots... it's never a bad thing. It gives me direction; it shows me my ultimate goals and the many precious memories I hope to achieve in my future.
The near future are my life hurdles... the distant future are the beautiful triumphant days which make difficult times worth all effort.


ashieBee said...

i'll be goyang kaki-ing with a little bit of income from the dental practice i own/ have a little bit of share in it. hopefully should start getting busy preparing for my first child's engagement/wedding. and still deeply in love with the dear hubby :))

i'm glad dreaming is free! so can do it quite frequent. ngehehehee.

takecare suyin **hugs**

Jenny said...

Omg. Omg!!!

I live in Canberra, Australia. Last week one of my workmates went to Malaysia. I sent her a link to your website and told her she must, must, MUST visit your store.

Today she got back to work and she had a Delectable box for me!!!

Omg! :)

I was/am so excited. It's like getting an autograph from a celebrity ;)

Inside is the cutest Delectable tote bag. I'm going to use it every day! I have to admit that a tiny part of me is sad that there is not a cupcake inside, but it probably wouldn't have lasted for a week! Hehe.

Anyway Su, I just wanted to let you know that someone somewhere is very, very happy with their Delectable bag :) You don't know me because I've lurked on your blog for a few years without commenting, but I have followed all of your updates with joy and empathy and warmth and best wishes.

I hope someone brightens your day today like my workmate did mine! (And one day I will come to Malaysia to try one of your cupcakes that I've been dreaming of for so long!)

La Table De Nana said...

Wow..what a 50th party that was:) I am children..(Old:) ) celebrated my 50th adorably.

Your designs and creations are and forever will be beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love the daiquiri cake!!!!!!

At 50, I'd have a family that would laugh at me and with me. And I'd be saying to myself, I wouldn't change a thing about how I got here.

When I turn 50, you can make me an origami cake :D

foodwink said...

Not sure what I'd be doing at 50, but I hope to have had one of your many beautiful creations by then!

p/s: I've been following your blog for years! Keep up the great great work.

Lisa said...

You're a fulfilled person! I admire you a lot! More to come for you! Probably when I reach my 50th I already have grand kids to look after to and my husband can do all the traveling that we want. Good luck! By the way, if your business needs some rewarding change, then it might interest you to consult the best Australian business coach who is continuously changing lives for the better.

Bimmer said...

I love to hear about your dreams!

And I'm one of the many lurkers of your blog too. ;)

Keep it up Suyin, you are great!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

ashie: seronok kan? hehehe

jenny: OMG! YOU ARE SO SWEET! completely made my day :) hahaha so happy so so happy to hear from you! You've probably brightened my day 100000 times more than i have yours! haha it makes my 15hours a day seem like 15 mins! XOOXOXOXOXOX i want to meet you one day! You gootta promise u wilL! :P hehe

la table de nana: awww.. haha thats so so nice of you to say; i really hope they get better and better. i'm constantly inspired by those around me as well.

vive: woah.. i might not wait for u to turn 50 for that! haha origami is on my to-do lists! hehe

foodwink: we SO must make u a cake! hahaha xo

lisa: hiya! thanks for leaving a message; will check it out.

bimmer: thanks dearie.. haha stop lurking! send over some love! i'd love right back! haha