January 1, 2010

What's all the excitement about? Bah! humbug..

Some choose to believe; the beginning of a new year marks a fresh start... with promises of brighter days and bigger dreams. I used to share the same belief; it is this first year of 2010 that I've thought otherwise. Of course it is good to have resolutions and a time for reflection... but my whirlwind of incidents and experiences of 2009 does not come to an end; just because the calendar flips an unfamiliar number or two.
365 days later; I'm still struggling with the same worries and similar daily routines adding up to the day I succeed to overcome them.
There will definitely be days better than the others... and there will also be days where I wish never existed. The significance of celebrating them at the end of each year is just silly. I want to be able to learn to celebrate each day as it comes.

I'm sure it's a closing of a chapter we like to remember as "2009" but what's with the ridiculous haul of traffic, expensive sparkles in the sky and reluctance to work. *ducks for cover*- in anticipation of flying punches from all sides. :P LOL

I'm sorry "Happy New Year-ers"; forgive my negativity; I have a problem wrapping my head around what the commotion is about. Sulky-Su didn't get a celebration this year; just like last year; she's making a cake... but this year; she's making it alone in quiet space with echoing sounds of cheer and fireworks out the window. All she can think of is... "damn; I'm tired...can't it just be morning already!"
I'll be waking up tomorrow morning feeling exactly the way I did this morning; all resolutions or promises I should be making to myself for self betterment isn't going to be done tonight but shall be done impromptu where appropriate.....
i don't need new years day to signify turning points in my life. ... :S
....... ....
...... oh no...what am i saying?!
Why IN THE WORLD am I being so negative!
We aren't celebrating closure or turning points; we are celebrating opportunities. :(
I take it back.
Happy New Year everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR because we are WELCOMING a new and better year filled with luck; love and joyous moments ahead!

.... sorry it took me a couple of full paragraphs before i latched my head back on straight.
I blame my brain. It's overworked, exhausted and thinking ridiculous thoughts.. *tsk tsk* shame on me.


zm said...

all the best to u in the year ahead~ cheer up~ =)
and please let yourself relax a little, su =) take care.

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

I remember stumbling on your blog and being awe-struck by your fantastic cupcakes earlier this year (it's not past midnight in UK yet!). It gave me the inspiration to bake and decorate 24 cupcakes for my niece's Full-Month party. It was a challenge which drove me mad at times and although plesed with the result - they were not in the same league as yours!
I've since re-found your blog and scanning through your news, am sorry to hear of your broken heart. It's true, time will heal, but only you will know when that heavy raincloud lifts off you and you feel free once more. I was in a long-term relationship that broke up and it took me a year to "wake up and smell the coffee!" I bumped into my ex a year after we split and after a chat had realised he'd moved on and someone else was in his heart - not me. That was my closure. You will find your own in good time.
I am since happily married and now realise we have to experience some bad times in our life to fully appreciate what is good.

2010 will be a new year of beginnings for you! Chin up girl! You've achieved a lot for someone as young as you! I love your blog and cupcakes and wish you were in UK!

Wishing you much success and happiness in decade to come!

Best Wishes!

ashieBee said...

happy new year, suyin!!!
and all the best with everything :))


chocolatesuze said...

happy new year dude! here's to an awesome 2010!

Jennywenny said...

Happy New Year sue! I hope you manage to get some rest and are able to delegate a little more to your team so you can enjoy your life a little more, you seem so exhausted.

a n g e | i n e said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Su! i stepped into Delectables for the first time last week! i was so excited bout it, as i just get to read ur blog and browse thru ur website, but didnt get to see ur shop and the cakes personally! i tried the 7 sins of chocolate and it was really really yummmyy! :D
Keep up the spirit of baking! Another great year of baking to look forward to!

tagadubai said...

happy new year SU! all the best for you.. keep those lovely cupcakes coming .. love to taste them .. next time i'm in your neighbourhood - definitely will visit your shop! :D

OZs said...

Came here to visit from Indonesia,
good job!

Andrea said...


Richard said...

Happy New Year!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

the new years turned out a lot better than expected! haha yay! thanks for the wishes everyone!

plum leaf: heya! thanks for leaving us a message sweetheart. :) you're so sweet.

angeline: thanks for coming by! im happy u loved the desserts! hehe