December 22, 2009

Raindrops on Roses.

A person dear to me once said; Life is a never ending pursuit for happiness. Do you believe it? I do. Being human comes with a natural sense of greed for more than you have or deserve.

Many a time; when I was stubborn; he would then say; You can’t always have what you want, you have to do what’s right. I hate how he’s often right too. It’s the larger dreams and happiness, which we pursue, forgetting the sparks of happiness that fill our lives everyday.

I had a conversation with someone who fully understands and accepts balance and equality in each person’s life; and I was taken aback. It isn’t about the many material things we have; it isn’t fame or fortune, it isn’t power or love either… happiness is in acceptance. It shouldn't be about the prada or the chanel? or the make up or dress size.. but unfortunately for us in this society; it is about all that.

In freeing yourself from this natural greed we have to have more, to be better or to exceed others; only then can we truly appreciate the things that make us happy. He listened to my rants and taught me humility through his perspective of happiness.

I’m the type to constantly jump ahead of myself to be the best that I can be; I believe in continuous improvement; of growth and achievement. I wondered; how someone like me was going to find balance and acceptance! Haha. I’m a pretty ordinary person; I don’t stand out in crowds but what I am, is competitive… not for the crave of praise but purely for the thrill of challenge. It’s when it’s for other motives or purposes is when I find myself falling short of driving myself forward.

I’m just a kid; I may not listen well, and I may not be obedient in any way; but I crave the need to free myself to be everything that I naturally am. It’s wise friends who understand and kind beings who stop me in my tracks just as I’m about to do something ridiculously stupid. Then again; what’s stupid to them; may not be to me…and that’s what makes life so interesting. It’s a these choices that I make which have made me everything that I am today; but not for a second have a regretted any of them. They could be bizarre or disrespectful or even wrong in general; but remember that balance? I’ve made good choices too no? No one likes to be judged and no one likes to be labeled a ‘goody-two-shoes’ or a ‘bad-boy’. Either way; I’d take it as an insult. We are all equal and we are all special from our differences.

I’ve had people tell me my cakes are ugly. What do I say to that? I’m not going to say what I do is every person’s cup of tea; neither to I try to disprove their judgement. I wouldn’t doubt how hurtful it is; but I then have to learn to accept that every person is different and that I will not win the heart of every person on this planet.

I woke up this morning finding more happiness than I could handle. I almost had to calm myself from laughing excessively. Despite the worries which hover my life and the unhappiness I could foresee before me; I was going to enjoy myself with these little things right here.. right now.

The world would be much kinder if people can just stop pushing their believes on others. If everyone can stop manipulating ‘society’ for their benefit, power or confidence. It’s not going to make you any happier; you're not going to find what you need; you’ve got to start from within.


J2Kfm said...

Your cakes are NOT ugly. :)
Merry Xmas.

La Table De Nana said...

Your creations make me happy to look at them:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

Your cake always beautiful, here is some story that we all can learn from, You are the cause of the projection. A face appears beautiful to you: is that beauty there or are you projecting it?… because tomorrow the same face can appear ugly to you.

Maybe it did not appear beautiful to you yesterday. Today suddenly your divine eye has opened up and the face has begun to look beautiful to you. To your friends, it still does not look beautiful. It is said that Laila was not beautiful, only to Majnu she looked beautiful. The whole village was troubled, and people tried to persuade Majnu: ”You are naive; there were many other more beautiful girls in the village, you are unnecessarily obsessed with Laila.”

Majnu replied, ”If you want to see Laila, you have to have the eyes of Majnu.” This is adhyas, illusion. The question is not of Laila but of the eyes of Majnu. The question is not of what is being seen but of the one who is seeing her. So Majnu said, ”See with my eyes, then you will be able to see Laila.” There is no doubt that with the eyes of Majnu she will look beautiful. If it were possible to borrow Majnu’s eyes, then Laila would appear to you as beautiful as she appeared to Majnu.
Eyes are also a type of spectacles. The colors of the spectacles get projected onto the objects
seen. All your senses are projecting. You are creating a world all around you. Your mind is not only a receiver, it is a creator as well. You are creating a world all around you – of beauty, of fragrance, of this, of that.

This world is not as you see it. It is dependent on you. If you change, the world also changes. A young man sees one world, an old man sees another, and children see yet another. What makes the differences? The world is the same. But the children do not have the same eyes that the young man has. Children are still interested in collecting stones and pebbles. Just the colorfulness of things is enough.

The young man says, ”Throw them away! What is in them? What value do they have?” For a young man money has become valuable. He has started understanding the value of money. Now collecting stones and pebbles won’t do. Now it is no use running after butterflies.

Children are catching butterflies, they look heavenly to them. The young man takes children to be ignorant but when the man becomes old, his senses get tired, his experiences turn pungent and bitter and he feels as if his mouth is full of a kind of tastelessness.

Now even young people appear like children to this man. For him, young people are running after different kinds of butterflies. Only the kind of butterflies has changed, but not the butterflies as such. Old people go on saying, explaining, that these are butterflies, but no young man listens to them. They themselves had not listened to their fathers and grandfathers. There is a reason for not listening, and that is that they have different eyes.

If the young man receives the eyes of an old man he will see the same. And remember, the interesting thing is that if the old man can receive the eyes of the young again, he will forget all these experiences; he will forget all this wisdom he is displaying; the world once again
will become colorful to him.

Good luck Sue.


ShandART said...

Beautiful post and words I needed to read! I love your cakes/creations, whomever said they were ugly is crazy!

Cindy Khor said...

don't let those ignorant haters get the better of you cuz trust, the majority (i think more like 99.9999% of your readers) love your cakes.

but i know, you wouldn't care about them because you are so successful, you have a guru in your life to enlighten you, and you have so many friends and family and readers to support you, i think that's what matter the most

and i think you cake is stunning in every post, including this one too.

Big Boys Oven said...

Love design as always! :) Hahaha not forgetting, you too always looks awesome gorgeous!

Silhouette said...

Your cakes are most definitely not ugly. Maybe to some people they aren't as 'pretty' (very subjective!) as others, but they sure as hell aren't ugly!

Family First said...

As long as your concience are clear, who the heck cares what others say. Merry Christmas and happy new year. Stay cheerful and keep us cheerful by showing us your lovely creations everyday :-)

CLAYcos-I-want-to said...

Your creations are wonderful and imaginative! You're right! You should enjoy and live every moment. There's always criticism...but fighting against them will help you grow stronger. I would love to be as talented as you are! Have a happy Christmas and please keep up your good work!

Seven V said...


Everyone is entitled to their opinions & so do we... And I seem to think your creations are gorgeous & would bring joy to those they are meant for... You wanna know why? That's because it was ordered & created with love for the intended... And that in itself makes it beautiful...

Keep up all the good work & bring more joys & cheers to other, ok?

Merry Xmas!!!

Rambling Tart said...

I'm so glad this person inspired you and helped you find so much joy inside. :-) You're right - you can't please everyone, but you DO please some of us tremendously! :-)

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Beauty is subjective but I don't know how anyone could think your cakes are ugly. I could see a guy thinking it was too cute or feminine for a macho guy or something, but ugly? I couldn't even imagine how it could be ugly through anyone's eyes. For me, your creations have been absolutely amazing and if you delivered to my area, you would have made my wedding cake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I love every writing, photos, and your cake creations! Cia You! You are considered as a succesful young entrepreneur, i guess ;)

Anonymous said...

I have the same kind of people saying the same kinds of things to me, everyone IS entitled to their own opinion but rudeness is hard to swallow sometimes. You know who you are and you are doing what you love, don't allow anyone to take that away.

SeriousCakes (from

WELCOME! said...

I totally agree with this comment!

vivebrulee said...

I wrote you on Nov15 with hopes for a proposal cake.
<10 days later, had my life (life now) torn apart. All of this because of the greed (to find a better day, better words, better time only to know later every bit that passes is waste and delay) that you speak with such pernicious truth.
I can't have my old life back, but I do know I can be a new and better person even if the players in my life will no longer be the same.
Here's to cheers, greets, wishes and a warm home and people to come home to.
Pray the hardest like your life fully depends on God, work the hardest like your life fully depends on you.

Owen said...

Do not listen to negative opinions forced upon you. They say your cakes are ugly because they themselfs are ugly. A good and kind person would never say such things. People like these are tiny smudges on a blank piece of paper which resembles your life.

They don't matter.

veggietestkitchen said...

This was a very thoughtful post. I am struggling with finding peace inside myself too, but I think that's just a part of being human. We all are, aren't we? Material things aside, we're conditioned to constantly pursue, and it follows us to our careers as well (which is just as bad)