November 29, 2008

Cookies for a good cause

Just last weekend, Su had made an adorable little angel and a box full of Christmas trees as contribution to a charity event.I would love to speak more about the event; but unfortunately I have nothing much to say.
Fact was; I didn't make it to the booth where my cookies were displayed. I barely had my foot in the event. My self invitation into the fenced off entry was bluntly rejected. *laughs*
Many grateful "thank you's" were said... and after having called up the next day; I found out that they had made a big sum of money from the charities they were contributing to. Which ones? I wasn't told either. hmm..I am very grateful to Melissa who had alerted me about several charities for this season and I was incredibly excited to jump straight into participating. After a rushed attempt at baking 50+ cookies and a phone call later, I was casually welcomed to turn up as a contributor several hours before the event began. I was overjoyed.
On Sunday; having handed over my hours of laboriously crafted cookies; I was pretty much left to stand at the entrance. *pout* I wanted to at least have gone in to see them being priced too!
I probably could have stayed outside for 2 hours and eventually bought tickets for Jo and I to get in as guests; but I thought what the heck~; what difference was it going to make, paying for parking was killing me and it wasn't as if I was being treated as 'help' anyway..I felt more like 'fake-smile baggage'. Baggage with pretty cookies of course! *grin*
I had a couple of Christmas trees down my tummy as I iced and packed them. The broken one's need to be taken are of no? *giggle* So yum! My sugar-loving Jo was happy to be fed trees too! I was secretly wishing I broke more than just a couple. heheAt least I was told the kids at the event loved the trees. I bet many of them were on sugar-highs after a cookie or two. It's never a holiday without delicious sugary cookies! Puts me in the mood... hehe

Xmas pizza trees!Not a bad idea eh? *grin*


Anonymous said...

great idea and scrumptious cookies! a shame that you were not given entry for the charity event. these people ought to practice more diligence. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hey tat's a cute Xmas pizza trees.
will try to bake tat in more different the kids will be eating full of joy,thanks.

Poorni Pillai said...

Those were adorable! Too cute, Su. I love the pizza, especially.

Y3K food & travel said...

Su, there's a lot more to learn in life. Alway think +ve, you will attract those people with similar frequencies.

Anonymous said...

OOohh yuummmmm xmas tree pizzas and cookies are awesommmeee :D

Annie said...

That angel cookie is gorgeous! I just tried icing cookies for the first time ever and they look like a 3 year old did them!

Anonymous said...

How could they not let you enter into the events?


anyway.. I love your designs.. Wish I could sink my teeth into one of those biscuits.

Anonymous said...

The pizza christmas trees are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin,
I was at that charity event and I bought 5 pieces of your cookies (the white tree and green tee) for my kids. It was sold for RM2 a piece.
Thought you might like to know :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya dear!

I (the savoury lover that I am) love your pizzas! Hahaha Looks yummy and pretty!

Oh, and I feel terribly indignant on your behalf (huff)...cis cis

Breadpitt said...

those cookies were very lovely , and thumbs up because its for charity......!

Amelia said...

Hey can I have your email address? wanna ask you a few things about ordering your cakes :)
oh and btw, i LOVEEEEEEE your cakes design. Omgomgomgomg...LOL :p

thanks ^o^

Jade said...

It's winter, and i just got home after a long day at work. but your teddy bear figurines made me smile! so thank you, and keep doing what u're doing:)

Anonymous said...

su yin, may i know do you use fondant or royal icing? very cute.


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

awesome Christmas tree pizzas -
do you have a dough recipe ?

What a Great ARK - (act of random kindness) you gave. I am sure it was appreciated.

Ps found you on LIST of 100 women bloggers.