October 3, 2008

**Yawn*...ahh...Officially back to work!

Selamat Hari Raya to all in favor of the festive season! Haha you don't really need to be a Muslim to celebrate... I sure made the best out of my 2 days of public holiday. I stayed in... caught up with some writing and editing work.... ate junk out of my refrigerator... spent time with the family... wore pyjamas all day... it was pleasantly unproductive for Su.

It continues with all things cake when the sun comes up for us tomorrow. Time to push aside thoughts of lazying around and carefree afternoon frolic.... it's back to crunch time! Those cakes aren't going to make themselves! Though i secretly wish they could sometimes.
The fun bit for me is coming up with the designs... working out its structural logistics and finally photographing the finished product. Well of course; there is more that goes into decorating cakes... but truth is; I wish the baking, stacking, sculpting, fondanting and fiddly little detailed works aren't as big a pain. I don't find it difficult... just extremely time consuming. Being the impatient little monster that I am... 'time consuming' can really feel like sticking a fork in my eye!

Say for instance... this cake I had done about 2 weeks ago for a interior design company.
How I came about completing this project right before I left for Australia really is a rare moment of 'perfect coincidence'. A lovely young lady had placed an order for a cake as a thank you gift to the company and it's staff who had done an excellent job in her new home. She was extremely pleased with their work and decided to approach me for a unique gift of 'cake'.
I had rejected many orders that weekend for cakes as I had a plane to catch on Tuesday. I wanted the week to be free of cake as most deliveries are required on Fridays and Saturdays. 3 days prior to my flight; she popped me an email request; making note that the cake was needed anytime 'before- Friday' that weekend.
Cakeorder-less and desperate for something to keep me busy till tuesday; i disregarded my '2 weeks notice' requirements and jumped on board with the idea. Multiple emails back and forth later... the job was complete shy of a few hours before my departure. *grin*
Everyone at the office was incredibly stunned as Em and I walked in with the cake.
I was stunned myself... they didn't have much of a reaction at all!
.... i thought to myself... wow... they must get cakes from clients all the time!
There was almost a feeling of awkward silence.
....not the usual reaction I get from deliveries.. I was very much surprised and disappointed.
I had my head hung as we made our way back to the car.
I hesitated as i made my call for delivery confirmation. To my relief; I received a completely different response from the other side of the phone. She told me how much they absolutely adored the cake and how they were in shock upon receiving it.
My reaction = Huh?!????
She even described to me how they were screaming and jumping about the office in joy. Haha I guess they were at a loss for expression a couple minutes ago.
Ahh.... yet another successful surprise.
I love surprise deliveries. *grin*


Family First said...

Im sure anyone would jump for joy receiving a "original" Su Yin creation! Next time I will ask my sis-in-law who lives in Ipoh to order me one when be comes back next to KL!

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah they must have been all stunned silent in awe by your beautiful cake.

Anonymous said...

That looks incredible...the details are just adorable and perfectly etched out...

Daisy said...

Hie su, I was reading your previous blog on how much u miss Sydney. I am one of those malaysians who didn't want to go home and work with the government. But in contras I miss my family and my home dearly... its a good choice you made.. :) Love your baking though... !

Anonymous said...

O.o...that is so beautiful leh! I dunno what word to use to describe it! I like the misaligned floor of the cake. And the red sofa...

Christy said...

that is a beautiful cake!! i need to move to KL so i can order your cakes :)

Amabelle said...

You are full of surprises...you are so talented and your cakes are amazing. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

as usual, one of Su's marvelously, hand-crafted cakes. Surely they were in awe and surprise! Who makes beautiful cakes like that in KL except you huh? HEHE! Great work Su!


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Familyfirst: hi there.. we are currently accepting orders from Ipoh; Do send me an email with more details :)

ffichiban: you're always so sweet. :P

astrorain: aww thank you. :) I did make an effort.

jessie: thanks jessie.. it took lots to make this decision; but it guess its for the better long term :) can't run away from what i am.

sam: thank you for leaivng a comment! haha im happy you think the edged tiered cake looked good.

c: haha visiting anytime soon?

amabelle: Heya! Thank you So so much for such encouraging compliments. Really appreciate them

kiran: hehe im sure there are other cake decorators out there in KL.
thanks **blush*