October 15, 2008

In Love with Handbags and Shoes.

I don't remember the last time I've gotten a chance to waste a little bit of time staring at the mirror for a brisk fiddle through my make-up pouch... or think about my blouse not matching the colour of my jeans or wonder if my hair is styled right.
Truth is.. i miss it.
wahhh....I miss it very much.
Making this cake reminded me of my love for beautiful shoes... fashionable handbags and all the other attractive trimmings which make us women feel glamorous and unique. Girls love to show their personality and style through what they choose to wear...and I've been feeling like a run down middle aged lady with a demanding job the past month. Haha... I really should whip those heels back out. I'm young... it really isn't time to let the sexy trimmings retire so soon!

The fun and fashionable lady who the cake was meant for happened to be one of Mom's best friends. Lucky me that prior research on the likes and dislikes of the recipient was fuss-free!

I had found out in advance that she loved the Hermes Lindy ...and I thought I'd attempt to make a miniature bag which was similar in shape. I hope she could tell what I was attempting to replicate. I also had her name written on the sugar shoes as a brand logo so she could keep them. It's always nice to have a cake to cut and devour...but a tiny sugar trinket to keep and remember it by.
This was an incredibly fun one... I love being inspired by fashion, textiles and print.


Volvoxx said...

OMG the shoes are so cute! So lovely!

Anonymous said...

the cake is sooo lovely and u're absolutely very creative. i love the theme.. very girlish :)

Hany said...

cute shoes!!! what a nice cake! i would not have the heart to cut/eat it ^_^

Family First said...

Another masterpiece! Do you take just one day to complete the sugar works?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. Shu Yin where do you get the gold colour for ur LV?

Anonymous said...

u r such a genius and creative!!! i admire ur work and the effort u put in!

Anonymous said...


What a great idea! Since I love handbags, then I can make one and eat it too! Keep up the good work!

Jen of www.cakesplace.com

Anonymous said...

Wow you are so talented - it never ceases to amaze me the things you mould! I would feel terrible eating it though haha.

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute shoes! gosh! i can't live without shoes! very nice work Su!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is absolutely fantastic! I love to cook but I could never do that. Your talents are truly amazing!

Annie said...

I think this might be my favourite from your site - it looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

hi su!
I learn that you actually come from ipoh. am i wrong?
haha.. if you are, then we belong to the same kampung!

Chef C said...

awesome...wonder how soon would fashion brands start to sponsor your works!

Unknown said...

beautiful! beautiful

Cassandra said...

Holy Holyness!
These are amazing.
So amazing I don't think I could bring myself to eat it.

Breadpitt said...

2 thumbs up for this awesome art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no doubt , u are good in this!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

HEy everyone~ thanks for leaving comments :)
The lady who received it really liked the cake. I hope she kept the sugar shoes. They were my favourite pieces too! hehe

family first: It usually takes me a few days.. i complete the cakes in sections; waiting for bits and pieces to dry or set.

goodyfood: i got some from the US before i came home

weng: uh huh :) im from ipoh hehe
It's not so much a kampung anymore hehe. I like to think of ipoh as a small city.

chef c: haha i dont think they will anytime soon

Anonymous said...

Your creations are truly awesome Su. You have so much talent. It is inspirational coming into your blog to see your latest creations

Anonymous said...

You outshine yourself again and again. These are gorgeous!