June 8, 2008

HoneyMoon Island (Florida)

Breathtaking ocean views are undeniably one of the most sought after experiences. What is it about endless hues of teal and blue spread out across the horizon? How does it make you feel to look out into something so big; so wild and so powerful? It inspires me to be free, to reach out to bigger things... to dream of the impossible. Basking in cool clear waters under perfect sunshine takes me to undiscovered places in my mind.It's amazing how the simple curl of my toes into fine grains of perfect white sand provokes the adventurer inside me... I claw into the soft grains...building up my anticipation for a perfect swim in such beautiful waters.As I take my first timid steps closer to the blues....tiny ripples greet me with soothing rushes up to my ankles.. teasingly,they draw back... tempting me to follow them; inviting me to enter their world invisible to mine. I am seduced. I make my way in greeting large schools of little fish along the way. They dance around me. I hear tiny cracks beneath the calming voice of the ocean waves..my heart breaks at the thought of crushing delicate shells and corals with my clumsy feet. To think that these once belonged to tiny marine creatures which have now passed on their intricate homes and protective shells to be washed up to the shore line by their ripply friends. What really belongs out there in all that wild deep blue is what excites me. I begin to recall the many times I've dived and snorkeled on colourful reefs bustling with life under the sea... it's a whole community, a different food chain and a separate world from us who live and breathe air in the atmosphere. The beach is the shallow border between us in which we share common ground to compliment each others daily lives.
The one thing in common we all live on would be the powerful blazes of the sun. Which reminds me; sunscreen... *sigh* it's not anymore safe to be exposed to it's harsh unforgiving rays.Being caught up in the moment; I almost forget to capture them with my lenses. My shutter snaps.. clicks..and saves. I look through my many attempts; none of the images express the picturesque beauty of this place accurately. It's majestic width... the smell of the calming ocean breeze .... the sound of crashing waves subdued by chatter from beach goers ... it's the entire experience that can't be captured...I look at these photographs...I can see it; but do you feel it?


Anonymous said...

I must admit I'm not a beachy person. I enjoy looking at them through photographs, but actually being there? Nope.

It looks nice though!

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the Keys? It's worth the drive. Excellent place!

Anonymous said...

eee su yin so jealous...its raining and sad here..we get excited when there's a ray of sun poking tru..so pathetic rite...have fun in america babe..n hope to c u back in msia will be back from the 24th of june till 17 of july..miss ya heaps u cant imagine

Benjamin said...

Hi, sorry for the super late reply!

Another Huen! I'm actually Hong Kong-ese. However, I do have family in Malaysia.

You're site is so inspiring... I love seeing all the food, bookmarked.

kennymfg said...

The pictures are beautiful and while not the real thing, they bring me back in my mind to many beach days throughout my life....thx.

I've been enjoying your blog for some while now.

ashieBee said...

i like beaches!!!!! :))

cant wait for holiday. off to one of the beaches in terengganu! takecare babe.


ps-when ru coming back to malaysia? wanna try some of you baking someday ;)

Anonymous said...

I really love those pics you took! Of coz, that includes all your 'art work' too! ;) Just curious, wad camera brand are you using? THose pics really look fantastic!! Love them!