June 14, 2008

A day for Our Fathers

It's that time of year again; to commemorate the sacrifices of our fathers.
To respect them for the great lessons they've taught us; the unnecessary worries of love they've suffocated us with and the many times they've picked us up when we were down.
I wouldn't dare say all father's are worth commemorating; only those who have made a positive difference in our lives. I do realize not every kid out there gets to celebrate father's day with a dad they love. And for that; I am grateful. I have a dad who has been there for us; supporting a heavy load above our prissy little heads; and creating a family environment many would be envious to watch.
I've grown much older now...and memories of my younger days have much been forgotten. I barely recall what I had thought of my dad then; but I'm sure I loved him just as much. Watching little Eva with her daddy across the dinner table really does tap into my self conscious mind with flashes of moments in my past.It is natures way of allowing the young to bloom by distancing parents gradually as they mature.... and I can't say I know first hand how hard that is for the parent; but I'm sure my time will come. Where I would begin a rant about my kids not loving me the way they used to. *laughs* Ahh.. the wonderful perks of parenting.Dad was strict with Sis and I in academic achievements (which I never shone in); he was hard on us with discipline (which I had absolutely NONE); was the one who objected to my blogging and hopes of pastry school (from all that over worrying)
...but also the sole reason I am where I am today. The NotterSchool would not have happened for me without his support; and I wouldn't be the same person I am without having learnt to deal with conflicting ideas and intentions. I have now matured much more; mentally and emotionally from being forced to accept advice of those who care for me. Thanks Pa; I'm a much stronger now. I appreciate everything you have done for us 3; you've done quite an amazing feat throughout the many 20 odd years. I know it was never easy; but I hope you feel it's been worth the blood, sweat and tears anyway.
...doesn't mean I'm going to stop being the difficult rebel of the family though. A stubborn little cow you say? *shrug* This little cow learnt from watching the big stubborn cow *cheeky grin*


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such a nice photos and a warm-hearted writing... mind sharing with me how did u do the snaps (the blur- ry thing)? looks like a professional pictures... :)

ariannameimei said...

absolutely beautiful pictures. and the little girl is adorable. =)

bedienutza said...

Such a lovely family and overall I like all your blog. Keep it going!
I also like cooking but unfortunately I don't have enough time to follow this. I hope one day I will.
All the best to you.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys~ hope father's day was lots of fun for everyone else too. The little girl is Eva; she's such a cutie isn't she. Just like her mom.. *sigh* im going to miss them soo mcuh. They are like family to me.