May 22, 2008

Every Chocoholics to be

...right here.. at the Notter School with Chef Ewald's and Chef James.
For the past week; I've been rising early; eager and excited about the next amazing 7 hours of decadent chocolates and mouthwatering pralines. On the way out; I skip my usual morning breakfast... making a mental note about the many chocolates I'll be tasting in a couple of hours. I know.. i know...bad idea...but *shrug* 2 weeks of candies for breakfast wouldn't break my diet would it? hehe.. I'm in my happy place. I'm in denial.
An intoxicating aroma of sugary rich cocoa greets me as I make my first enthusiastic steps through the door. I bid both my handsome chefs good morning; and begin pulling chairs down in anticipation of a day filled with new enlightening discoveries about chocolate and it's mysteries.
The most difficult part of the day for me would be my attempts to refrain from licking my fingers and palms clean! *grin* It's SOoo very hard to resist! Wash my hands?!?! waste all that delicious chocolate!!? My heart breaks at the thought.

Pictures will have to be it for today guys... Chef James dropped an evil test on us tomorrow morning and I need to study! I really don't understand why this part of the world can't just get themselves into metric already! Come on guys! Move with the times! Throw out those confusing ounces and pounds! *laughs* It really is a pain for me to learn quarts and gallons... I feel 60 just saying it. tsktsk.. :P
I know I've been a little behind on the updates on class lately but life's been a little hectic for me the past couple of weeks... I've been trying to catch up with more 'American' experiences and travels before end of June. I'll be leaving soon...*tear*
Guess who which lucky girl will be in Vegas tommorow?


Edith said...

Suyin, happy to read that you are enjoying every min of your course. Looking forward to reading more of your experience. Have something for you. Check it out here

Rileen Aya said...

=D~ yummmmm

Anonymous said...

huuuuuuu...could almost smell their sweet chocolatey aroma mmmmmmmm....!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I would like in your school!!!!!!!
wonderful school

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a fantastic time at the school - and a chocolate day sounds awesome! You can't beat that! :)

Unknown said...

omg. your chocolate makes me SO hungry!! on another note, i just got engaged and am starting to look for various ideas for the wedding (don't worry, still far far away). nevertheless, i saw that 3 tier white cake you made, and it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! just to let you know, i saved a picture of it. hope you don't mind. (:

Anonymous said...

OMG.. it's look so yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. saya juga chocoholic :)

Anonymous said...

I want them, I want em ALLL!!!!

Unknown said...

I love your blog, everything is sweet and beautiful!!

May I ask what kind of camera you use?
You take great photos and I was curious what kind of machine is helping you. (But pretty sure it's your photo skills!)

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi! I realised that you have 'what kind of camera do you use' in your Q&A...sorry I asked before checking it out but when I did, the link didn't it okay if I asked again? you could either answer it here (I will check back) or come to my blog page and write in anywhere..

Just curious, thanks for taking your time and keep up the wonderful work. :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

precious moments: aww... thanks!! :) that was real sweet

rileen: uh huh~

yatt: I know...the smell of chocolate really gives me cravings :P

carmen: thanks for the kisses dear :P

katie: i cant wait to have more chocolate days.

lesley: thats alright :) If you're anywhere in Malaysia; i'd love to have the opportunity to make you a cake for the wedding.

nyza: lots of us out there girl ;)

nat: I'll be home soon ty!!

pascale: thanks for the kind compliments on my blog :). the Q+A should work... i'm using an Olympus now. SP-550 Ultra Zoom

Unknown said...

This post made me so hungry and longing for my favorite chocolate shop in NYC. Love your site, I linked to it! ; )

Anonymous said...

Suyin, when I read yr blog, I can feel the energy u hv in full of life n excitement. Envy yr gut to persue what u like, it inspired me too.