April 25, 2008

I wish I was there....

It was a big day for my dear cousin last weekend.
After years of looking up to her as my elder; cooler and wiser cousin, I always wondered what it'd be like when we kids turn into adults; stepping into different stages of our life... going to University..getting married.. wow...all of that seemed pretty far away at that point!

She had 'kiddy'-sat sis and I numerous times for many years in our mischievous adolescent years at family holidays and evenings when our parents went about having their kid-less nights out. I don't remember much about how I felt during those precious moments we spent together..but I do remember annoying her out of her mind with our silly antics. We gave her nicknames.. we followed her around like little ducklings..asking 'why' questions and being nosey about her personal life. Wow... I feel like one hell of a mean kid right now. *laughs*
I apologize very much for the difficult experiences you've had with me MayLing jiejie... I didn't know how to say thank you; or I love you back then.. but I hope it's not too late now. I appreciate every moment and piece of stern advice that you've given me :) My childhood wouldn't be the same without having had memories of you in it.
I'm extremely happy for ya that you've found the next stage in your life. Congratulations. I wish that I could have been there for your big day; I bet it was a beautiful ceremony. I've always pictured it to be.
I was thinking of my dearest cousin all week as we made our wedding cakes.. I thought about how I was supposed to be there to make her the cake she's dreamt of..and how it's just a case of 'perfect timing'.
.. well..here I am making a white 3 tiered wedding cake.. my cousin is getting married; I'd make this cake just for her... but i'm in the wrong continent!!! That just really sucks doesn't it? *sigh*
An unfortunate case of "the wrong place; at the right time"
I hope that my sincere wishes of good luck and happiness reaches both you and Kenny.
I realize these pictures of cake wont necessarily taste or be of any good to both you newly weds.... but I do hope it would at least put a smile on your face.
*hugs and kisses*-
from.."wogi 3" *grin*


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful wedding cake. I am sure she would have love it. Don't worry, there'll be other opportunities to make her a cake

A said...


Unknown said...

Wow.....I loved your wedding cake XoX

Hany said...

Wow Su-Yin! What a beautiful cake! Your fondant is so smooth, and I love your design. Did you use all fondant or did you use pastillage for the swirly thing on the bottom tier? Oh and I saw your Chef James on food network TV. He is just as awesome as you described! ^_^. Can't wait to see more of your creations!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks guys for the comments! really appreciate em'. Everything on here is fondant and sugar flower paste.