April 1, 2008

It all began...

With a harmless bowl of cereal.
Filled with dried and tart blueberries, cherries and raisins.
Topped with a good splash of skim milk.
With my eyes barely open and mind half alert; my spoon dunks in..
Boy am I hungry! Had too little dinner too early last night.

Without much thought or sense of flavour; the entire bowl of cereal is consumed.
Hmm.....I detect a funky aftertaste in my mouth...
Hmm... something is wrong..
It doesn't taste like yesterday's cereal... I wonder ....*#&$(#@$*&#*!!!
... crap..
...The milky cereal gunk is partially regurgitated.
I'm grossed out..
*sigh* my stomach is curdling; it must be my long lost gastric issues.
I try another cup of yogurt; some dried fruit...and a cookie..
The food really isn't settling..and I'm so hungry!
I leave for school in a rush....the aftertaste in my mouth is sour and unappetizing.
I get to school; settled in and watch Chef Mary chop up fresh stalks of rhubarb for our pies today.
MmmMm... Rhubarb.....??...
Actually..not really... I don't feel good. Tart rhubarbs don't sound too good now.
I get up from my stool; knees limp from hunger and face green from disgust.
I keep pushing away the thought of going home and climbing into bed.
Although..... crouching with my arms around my legs sound pretty tempting right now.
My thoughts are disturbed by an abrupt growl in my chest and a funky feeling in my throat.
Thats it.
I'm heading home.
I don't want to be leaving my territorial mark all over the classroom.
I apologize to Chef Mary and headed off quickly to the closest pharmacy I knew.
It was 7.30 and it's closed. Dang it! I watch the wall clock for 8am;
... my white suit savior arrives.
We have a short chat and he shakes his head... "Ate breakfast darling?"
"yes...cereal....but I instantly threw up"
"I think my dear;.. gastric is a long shot"... "check the milk"
I rush home...
evil milk is 5 days past its expiry date..
EVIL MILK! I don't care if its skim milk... and fat-less...it's evil!It wasn't till 10am that I actually had extreme hatred for it.
I'm bored and at home now... anticipating my next traumatic bathroom visit.
Afraid to eat..
Afraid to ever have sour cherries with cereal again.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear of your agony! i once inflicted a bout of food poisoning myself.... i didn't reheat a serving of roast beef properly. to this day, i can't bear to use my Herbs D'Provence in my cooking. one whiff of it now makes me gag.

Sarah said...

Ow! I'm sorry to hear that you were sick! I once got sick after making fried rice for myself with old rice... feral!

Hope you get better soon!

xox Sarah

Little Monster said...

I'm only a medical student, but I can offer some medical advice. Go to the pharmacy and ask for a drug called "imodium". It helps to stop watery diarrhoea. Take 1 imodium every 6 hours until diarrhoea subsides. And at the pharmacy, ask for "hydralyte" or other electrolytel replacements, to avoid getting nauseous from electrolyte imbalance. And drink 2 litres of water minimum.

Anonymous said...

alma: wow should i contact u if i get sick? lol

I'm sorry to hear about ur unfortunate cereal/milk encounter...

though i hope it doesnt put u off cereal~! ^_^

P.S. love the cartoon additions to the milk!

Kong-Kay said...

one sure fire way to clear your tummy... get well!

theadams said...

get well soon Su!

Par said...

The bowl looks nices... :P

Unknown said...

Oh girl, sorry to hear about your bad milk experience! Yuck... I hope that you are feeling better soon!

Your girl from O-Town,
Prudence :)

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree, Imodium is a great way to stop diarrhoea! get well soon!

Anonymous said...

hey, hope you feel better now!

one thing, u r such a sunny person. even in your pain, u managed to induce some fun (aka cartoon) into ur post. Get well soon, gal!


KWF said...

su-yin, hope you're already ok by the time you read this. Take care of yourself despite the busy school life. I love reading your blog, about your pretty creations and of course that cute little instructor of yours *wink*

Tofu said...

after being brave and having a raw egg with my rice and natto beans today, im left feeling a bit queezy after reading your post ^^ !

Good luck with the baking, i've been reading your blog for a while now, and its the first time i've posted. just wanted to say that i hope you'll get well soon!

ashieBee said...

ru feeling better now? takcareee~~ hugs!

bryant said...

I have to say 'ha', that has happened to me more than once; but I have to say I hope you get better. That kind of sick sucks (as if there is a good sick!). Good luck eating cereal again, let alone milk :)

--o <-- teaspoon of Noe Zick (the cure all for any sickness.

Hope you feel better!


ioyces said...

Poor Su!! Hope u get well soon!!! Rice porridge water is apparently really good for settling the stomach after food poisoning!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
Hope you get well soon.
I admire you so much..i am an engineering student but really enjoy cooking. I hope i can follow your footstep after i graduate from uni..by the way, i am from sydney too, is such a shame i didn't know you when you were here. really enjoy reading your blog with lots of recipes.
Lots of love.


Lilia said...

Hi Su Yin,

Try to drink Yakult. It did help me.
I wrote a comment before but seem forgot to type words below.
Have you recovered?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.YOu have great pictures on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick... Just to tease you, I really wished that your "white coat" savior was Chef James! HAHA. I think you guys really match (even though you keep saying you don't like him!) haha. Julie

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks so much everyone for the heart warming wishes. I'm much better now. I've been good a few days back; but I can't say the trauma is gone completely! Haha.. the disgusting bits really sticks to me. Thanks guys for the suggestions and recommendations; really appreciate it :)