March 11, 2008

He's just Fabulous~

Ron Ben Israel. The decorator, the innovator, the artist.

There is an aura of glamour trailing his every lift of the finger. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of assisting this celebrity chef in his world of breathtaking cakes.Chef Ron left his studio and cake sanctuary in Manhattan New York to convey his knowledge to more cake lovers and professionals down south here in Florida. Students came from several American states and some even all the way from Canada; eager to learn the skills he has to offer.
Spending almost an entire day with him was great! I listened attentively, watched carefully..and ran errands where necessary; picking up many tricks and tips along the way. Despite not having taken the the full 3 day weekend class, I feel incredibly satisfied with just mere a day of enlightenment.
It was heaps of fun for lil' ol me~ Chef Ron was charming...flamboyant and outspoken. I found myself giggling throughout the class at his ticklish personality.
I was incredibly inspired that day. It is so cool to be amongst talented individuals. Just to observe them work; and learn from conversations and discussions of ideas.

I waltzed up to class early this morning, only to find a masterpiece he had left behind. Beautiful huh?**Here's a little something special for Malaysian cake decorators back home.
Guess who decided to take professional weekend classes here at the NotterSchool too?
President and Principal instructor of the International Centre of Cake Artistry in PJ; Rosalind Chan. Most of us who love cakes have probably heard of her. I was excited to meet her after having seen her on an article on TheStar newspaper back home. She's probably synonymous to the brand name Wilton for us in Malaysia.
It was funny to have ran into her here in Orlando; we went for a chat over dinner...and wow... How NICE was she!!! I had lots of fun! It was amazing. She even mentioned that shes seen this humble journal of mine before! *blush* It's amazing to think that she could recognize me. We've made plans to catch up real soon. I'm pretty excited~


Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin,
Somehow I just stumbled upon your blog coz i googled ayam masak merah..yes random...and then it hit me...i know you...well at least we knew each other a long time ago in Ipoh...glad you are chasing your dreams...all the best..btw I'm Julia Tang..MGS girl..Jin Werne's classmate...had tuitions together. not sure whether you remember me?!neways...all the best:)

LadyCakes said...

beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su yin,I am an avid fan(can i say that) of your blog and am finally coming out of the closetI really enjoy reading all about your cooking and travelling adventures.By the way I am in Miami,Florida.If you think you are ever coming down here it will be nice to meet up...when will you be there till by the way?

Anonymous said...

su yin,

i envy u... i envy u...

Anonymous said...

hi there!

My name is BANUN. I was just surfing the net today and stumbled upon your blog and scrolled down when i noticed a picture of you and rosalind chan.. She happens to be a family friend and you are very lucky to have met her there! If you bumped into her again, please convey my regards..

all the best to you..

Jen said...

Wow, how lucky are you.
I look up to this man, he is such a genius!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you met her! :) I took my classes at ICCA and over there, well, yes, if you haven't heard of her (and Wilton), you will after taking classes at ICCA. :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

julia: I remember you!! you had the cutest ponytail! haha it's funny how I remember people sometimes. so glad to hear from you; how have you been"? what have u been up to? Do drop me an email; we can chat on msn~ I'll be home soon ;)

ms fortune: it was definitely a pretty piece from Chef Ron.

zulaikha: oh *blush* thanks.. I've bbeen planning to make a trip to florida real soon.. if you could drop me an email; that would be awesome! I'll be here in orlando till june :)

yatt: *grin*

Banun: heya~ unfortunately; I didn't get the chance to have dinner with her again; but I did however get to say goodbye when I bumped into her while assisting in the second class she was taking. She's so incredibly nice.

jenjen: he is truly a creative genius. It's so nice to hear from jen my fellow aussie blogger.. I visit milk and cookies regularly still; you're still a big inspiration to me. I love adorable monkey! :P

mei: It's almost like meeting a Malaysian celebrity huh? SHe's so cool. I'm glad I bumped into her