March 4, 2008

Angels need to eat cake too!

I stick my cheeky little finger straight into its warm and soft center.
*MmmMMmm* It sinks right in....This beautifully puffy; delicate and cottony soft bundt cake does remind me of angels; o f elegant white wings, of clouds and of pure notes of meringue and subtle sweet flavours.
Angels would be synonymous with innocence and guilt free indulgences too!
Some like to believe angel food cake is fat FREE. Well technically; it doesn't contain any fat such as egg yolks, butter, shortening or oils. *rejoice*
We broke many eggs for our cakes this morning... at least 10 egg whites were beaten to a thick fluffy white meringue and gently incorporated with well sifted flour.It got a little difficult trying to fill these bundt tins with the batter without deflating too much of the air in the beaten whites. Nifty little tins these are.
Angel food cake is usually baked in a tube pan, a tall, round pan with a tube up the center that leaves a hole in the middle of the cake. A Bundt pan can also be used, but the fluted sides can make releasing the cake more difficult. The center tube allows the cake batter to rise higher by 'clinging' to all sides of the pan. Unlike other cakes, the pan should be un-greased to enhance the cake. After baking, the cake pan is inverted while cooling to prevent the cake from falling in on itself. (wikipedia)
Chef James decided to lather these with spoonfuls of luscious blueberry pie filling. Saucy, delectable and finger-licking yummy!
I went home and topped them with stewed strawberries in simple syrup and basil leaves. I can't wait to try them! They look so sticky and delicious!! Friends are gathering over at mine tonight; everyone's arriving in about 30 minutes for dinner...Nikki's coming over with cheese fondue! I better get back to watching those chicken pies of mine in the oven. We'll be have these pretty angelic babies for dessert!


Yan said...

omg... chiffon cake!!!!

Elin Chia said...

That looks yummy...I can see you are having a great time.We really enjoy ur sharing with us too. :) Thankies. Take care.

Sister Libby said...

Oh my goodness. I love reading your blog. But I also hate it, because I get so hungry!

Yvo Sin said...

Wow, it's been a while since I stopped by, but WOW! You're in my neck of the woods now! Congratulations on taking the leap to pursuing your dream and best of luck!!! I'm excited to read back a bit and see how this happened and everything :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yan: I MISS YOU!!! :( sigh* come visit orlando.. I'll make you a plain butter cake! How can you possibly resist! hehehe

elinluv: heyhey! thanks for leaving me a message! I love sharing photos on my blog. I take 10000 pictures a day.. it's so hard to pick my favourites!

sisterlibby: awww... don't hate me :( hehe. Make food! Healthy food! Feed the cravings... it's the only way to keep us sane and smiling ;)

yvo: oh hello~ hehe.. I've changed so much in the past 2 months.. I often take a minute to reflect on the fast pace of my life right now.. it's amazing how much im learning..and the many new things flying past every minute! It's so exciting i love it!