February 10, 2008

A Happy Chinese New Year

Guess what guys?
Su had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration at her very own home. I can't believe I actually made it happen in 2 days!
I pretty much gathered most of everyone I hang out with in Orlando and invited them over to celebrate the new year with me. It was surprisingly heaps of fun! I didn't think I'd even know where to start organizing a 'chinese new year-party' *laughs* It was a little overwhelming; but I figured if I just did what mom did every year back home; i'd be set! It worked!
Step 1. Make list of friends attending.
Step 2. Fix food.
Step 3. Go Shopping for neccesities
Step 4. Fix up house (clean and decorate)
Step 5. Make/buy premade snacks & food
Step 6. Wear red!


*grin* I bet mom will be proud. It wasn't too difficult to organize considering my small group of 14. The most complicated issue was actually the fact that food had to be 'CHINESE'. *shrug* I made Asian food... I wouldn't dare call it Chinese! But everyone was amused with my fusion of Malaysian, Chinese and Korean food spread; so I guess that works too~ Heh!
Many brought drinks; their own chairs and food to contribute! It was excellent! We had delicious Puerto Rican roast pork~ Mexican chicken taquitos with an avocado dip; lots of wine and mixed drinks.My extremely unfurnished little apartment space wasn't exactly 'party' friendly; but I tried to make the best of it. I got my guests to take their shoes off at the door; full Asian style *wink* and we had my clean carpet to sit on instead. I had about 4 chairs; but by the end of the night; the chairs were filled with bags and purses. Everyone was cozy on the carpet with their legs stretched out. It was cool. I wish I had a deck of cards to get us gambling.. Just like we would back in Malaysia... but *shrug* I guess that was one thing I forgot to add to my to-do list.
I wish I took more photographs of everyone; my food and the drinks ..etc.. Unfortunately the camera wasn't on my mind that night. I was too busy having fun that I forgot to take photographs. ..... that rarely EVER happens! *laughs* Su's a shutterbug with her fingers clicking away on her precious camera! Well unfortunately; conversation and entertaining my friends were my priority. The lighting in my house made it real difficult to capture clear shots at night. I'm not a fan of flash photography. :P


Anonymous said...

Wow I am impressed with the decoration. Is banana leaf easy to find in Orlando? I am wondering what food did you cook?

wHOisBaBy said...

that seems like a very fun evening. you have the food, friends, fun and of course the wine too! :)

I salute you for the hard work and effort you put in for the CNY celebration. I didn't even decorate my home for this ocassion. Too lazy.

yammylicious said...

Happies Chinese New Year to u!! sound u hv a fun ya?! hope u hv a great year!!

Chris Sauter said...

Your food looks great! I found your blog on the foodbuzz website - not too many foodies here in Orlando! Thanks for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

everything looks wonderful! a very nice blog too, so cheerful :D

oh, i also don't like flash photography ;)


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

linda: Hmm...I made stir fried rice noodles, made agar agar, sago puddings with coconut cream and palm sugar. I also made a salad with roast pork... it's been awhile ago; cant really remember now. *LOL

whoisbaby: was heaps of fun :P. Wine was magnificent! I'm so glad everyone came by with something to share.

yammylicious: THanks dear :)

chris: wow ... :) nice to know. THanks for leaving a comment. Orlando lacks foodies due to lack of good 'foodie' restaurants :P

tita: it's so difficult to get good lighting too huh? *sigh* it's never perfect. Bright sunlight is my favourite :)