January 21, 2008


I'm HOoked up! YAY~!!~~ It's food network ALL day for SU! *giggle*
For those who have known me for awhile will probably never imagine those words coming from me. *laughs* I'm not exactly the type to watch TV or get excited over watching movies on the tube. Unfortunately for me though; classes at the Notter School only run from Mondays to Thursdays every week. What does a girl do on Friday? Saturday? and Sunday?
Other than homework, cleaning my tool kit, washing out my uniform, doing the laundry and studying for quizzes or practical exams... and blogging of course; there really isn't much me to do alone!
Food network does give my quiet little apartment abit of noise and makes it a little cozier. I still go about my business doing other things like reading cookbooks and magazines...or cleaning and the sort; I just leave the TV on to keep me company!
It reminds me of the time when I'd be in the kitchen cooking; eavesdropping on TV shows the girls used to watch in Sydney during our evenings spent together. Oh how I miss my babies and my friends back in Australia.
I've been moving on alright here in Florida; the weather is a tiny bit temperamental with the cold winds and humid heat...but it's pleasant I must say. I've also made a new friend who's been real sweet with helping me with wheels while I'm still working out transportation issues with my drivers license ..etc.
Maggie is from Washington state and we're having lots of fun entertaining each other in this fairly foreign place for the both of us. It's nice to have someone to cook for; have dinner out with and just hang out sharing experiences. We humour each other just chatting about our lives and discovering so much more about different parts of the world we're familiar with. I admit we do go about the day with a fair bit of miscommunication despite the fact we both speak perfect English... it's just the "type" of English which tickles us both! I sliced my finger on the edge of a fluted brioche tin in the sink while washing up in class one day... I approached Chef James for a "plaster" and everyone turned around with a confused look on their face..and he said "a what?"!
I thought about it for 2 seconds and rephrased myself. "May I have a band-aid please?" and I was understood. *laughs* There are a fair number of words which I use that Americans find amusing. I guess it becomes part of my Malaysian charm. *shrug* I still say it's a lorry..not a truck *grin*
So what have I been doing for food?
Nope! I've not been eating out much; I don't really enjoy the American 'cuisine'... they have around Orlando. It's not easy to find something I want to eat..so the only option I have is to cook it myself at home. Most places here are fast food chains like Mcds, KFC, Dennys, Wendy's..and diners with burgers and fries or grill steakhouses like TGI Fridays and a couple of Italian pasta places. The portions are ridiculously huge as well! It's not easy to go out to eat on my own without having Maggie around to spilt it with me. We both usually sit down to a salad entree and a main meal which we both share.It's nice at home anyway.. I have a pretty lake right next mine, a small clubhouse for us residents and food network to watch on tv! I've yet to see Ace of Cakes which everyone has recommended... it's showing on Tuesday this week...I hope I'll catch it then!
The only problem with food network is; it makes you hungry....
...Watching people make and eat delicious food
...and photograph that food so disgusting well;
it really is a problem for me! It's so evil.. it gives me cravings! I CANT LOOK AWAY!! *AHhHHh* I could almost taste it! My secret technique for not over eating and cooking too much for myself daily is by only making enough in small portions when I feel eating..and not eating set meals 3 times a day. I can go about my day with something hearty I've made in the morning...and eating small dinners at about 5pm when my tummy gets grumbly again. I only eat abit out of the pan till I'm just satisfied..and portions that I don't finish; I usually wrap in the refrigerator for another time when I have the munchies again! So... I never make too much for the day...and I can watch how much I eat.. to make sure I don't go overboard with the yummies! *giggle*
So what have I been making for myself?Hmm... baked baby potatoes with skins on, dashes of sea salt and melted mozzarella! This tastes so much better than deep fried fries or potato chips. Its for potato lovers who truly love the taste of smokey baked crisp potato rims and soft flavourful centers filled with creamy potato goodness! Ah!... a bowl of these with some baby carrots thrown in and its my perfect dig in for brunch! Carbs like these gives me enough energy for the rest of the day.

A week after my first grocery shopping run; I woke up this morning to no milk or eggs or bread. I needed breakfast...and I dug around for whatever I could find. I had the cereal...but no milk.. I had the instant oatmeal..but no milk.. *laughs* I had half a bottle of "half and half" which is made from half milk and half cream; but i can't exactly be eating cereal with THAT can I?!
I decided to use half that amount to make breakfast cookies coated in crunchy crushed cornflakes and loaded with chewy oatmeal goodness inside! The dried blueberries and cherries makes these huge delicious cookies much 'healthier'! Haha..alright I'm in denial.. they still have sugar and butter in them..but *shrug* what's a girl to do with no way out to get groceries? *sneaky grin* I'll have to wait till next week when I'll be driving myself around. I would love to share the recipe with everyone as they were so good and crisp! but unfortunately my kitchen is yet to be fully equipped with a measuring cup or weighing scale. I made these in a little mixing bowl, a large spoon and approximate amounts of everything! *laughs* It was a mix and bake which I put together purely from 'feel'; I threw in whatever I felt like..and added a little more of this and that as I went along. Sorry guys.. maybe next time. I'll try to make them again with good measurements.
It's actually a real pretty day outside..and I think it'll be a splendid idea to take a walk around the lake. I won't having time to enjoy the outdoors next week as classes are going to be absolutely insane! I'll be having 7am's till 9.30 pm's till the middle of the week... I better get in as much fresh air as I can now! We're making croissants and laminated doughs like puff pastry and danishes next week. I'm so very excited!


Geraldine said...

Yes, I'm 1000% sure you will love watching Ace of Cake.

I remember my first year here.. I didn't dare pronounce the word "can't" cos everytime I did that, my All American Girl, classmate would gasp and declare "you said a bad word"... our Malaysian or British way of saying can't is more a U vowel than A vowel... and I was very concious with that word after that. I would rather say.. I can not.. than I can't.... After living here for 12 yrs.. I've gotten the hang of it.. hahaha.. good luck and have a fun time learning another's culture.. that's the enriching part in living overseas.

Anonymous said...

hei honey.. it took me more than 10 minutes to read ur stories in US. haha. its been 4 years since we left school n i c how my darling changed so much. she's using the freedom that she always wanted duirng school time *grin* wisely. hugs for u girl...

Anonymous said...

Hi Su! This is Chiara from Italy. Now it's 10.12 AM, thank you so much for your reply, I've just read it! I lived in the USA for 6 months and yes, they give you BIG portions. I never finished one; always asked for the 'doggy bag (=leftovers)' which I enjoyed very very much!!!
Big Hug and Have a good day. XXX

Anonymous said...

PS. Hi Su, it's Chiara again! When I post a comment, immediately afterwards I always remember that I forgot to tell you something! Re Language differences: they are so much fun and very stimulating. Beside cups convertions for baking recipes, words such as Lorry and truck or plaster and band-aid provide a small and lovely example of it. So nice!!! There are many more I can't remember right now.
Big hug. XXX

sundownprince said...

wow. ur life there looks really exciting. its quite amazing how u settle don't so easily.
jo, singpaore

M said...

Hey Su, I have been reading your blog off and on, and realized recently that you're here in the States. I'm in Nebraska, smack right in the middle of this country. I have been here for 5 years, I'm from Klang, Malaysia. Glad you're enjoying yourself with school. I'm hoping to study pastry arts in the future.

The language and slang...you'll get use to it. I was in your shoes when I first got here, someone actually thought I was from UK. :P

Hope to see some pretty pastries from you.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You're so cute!! :)

Cutie said...

Hi Su,
Really happy for your dreams are coming true. The way you bake your cookies is how I bake my stuff usually. Just bake it according to our feel. Haha... And sometimes ended up making something that turns out a disaster. Hehe... Anyway, really want to find out more about what you will be learning over there as it's also my dream to learn all these skills and be a professional chef/baker.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello again! Thank-you for you response^_^! Florida does have annoying weather! It is very cold here in New York. Still trying to settle here. You must live in an apartment to have a kitchen to cook in? Where I stay there is no kitchen *torn*! Maybe you'll post enough goodies for me to make at someone else's kitchen*smiles*? I'm glad you founs a friend, and you will do fine with your winning personality!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful biscuits!

It's great reading about your classes and the more detail you add, the better! Sounds like lots of fun most of the time.

Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

i predict su will someday have her own show on the food network

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Jane of all trades: Hahaha! Thats sO funny! I havn't had that problem yet though; I still say 'cant' the way I usually would :P

hasI: :) YES!!! I did it! Hahaha it wasn't empty hopes :P

chiara: wow you have an extremely pretty name! hehe thanks for the hugs XOXO

sundownprince: yeap! im efficient ;) hehehe

michelle: its real wonderful to hear from you; I still do use my british english terminology; I just educate my american friends when they don't understand! *laughs* :P it's fun laughing at differences and miscommunicating sometimes.

cap'njack: aww..thanks *blush*

cutie: thanks for your words of encouragement. I hope things turn out for you too! I'm doing what I love; and I wish that for everyone. CHasing your dreams is probably the best feeling!

chillisugar: OMG! I wouldn't survive without a kitchen! haha when i pick a place; first place I check out is the KITCHEN!! it must have an oven.. a stove top; fair sized refrigerator and work bench! hehe. Thanks heaps aja for your kind compliments :)

sweetrosie: yes! it is! I love it!! hehe will be sharing my experiences for 6 months~ So log back to check out more ;)

ann marie: OoOooo..i wouldn't say that; haha that might take awhile :P