January 14, 2008

A fun morning at the Winter Park; Farmers Market.

Distracted by the early morning sunrise and cloudy haze; I successfully got myself lost for the 10th time on the roads I have just recently began to familiarize myself with. Laughing at my silly self at 7.30 in the morning; I made a quick detour and headed back on the opposite side of the road with my fingers crossed; hoping that this time, it was the 'right' direction. I was pressing for time to make the 8am meet up at the NotterSchool with my classmates as scheduled. We were going to the markets together! I was so excited to finally get to venture out of town to discover attractions beyond my usual daily routine. I stepped on my accelerator a little more as I began to worry if they'd leave me behind if I was late! *laughs*
Getting there a minute before 8; I was happy to discover I was the last person to arrive. We even had time to sip on our hot cocoa topped with whipped cream which Mary had prepared for us. It was sinfully delicious! I tried not to think about the many calories I was injecting into my body so early in the day! *giggle* It was good for a super-sugar kick though, it really got my endorphins pumping for a bright and cheery morning.
Maggie and I jumped in together with Sabrina in her snazzy sports car as the group of us formed a long trail of cars; one following the other. It felt a little like Mary and James were the ducks and we were the ducklings. After 10 minutes or so on the highway; we eventually broke off and Sabrina whipped out her cool talking gadget GPS system which led us safely to Winter Park.
Looking at the bustling environment got me incredibly excited! I could spot succulent fruit; fresh veges and beautiful posies on sale from between the iron fences. I couldn't wait to get in!
It was just like I imagined; everything was enticing and delectably fresh!! The produce was presented so well in cute wicker baskets and tiny wooden pails!
The strawberries looked so juicy and succulent! I had to buy a punnet home to devour them in warm chocolate sauce and toasted pecans. *yum*
Inside the 'barn' like enclosed area out back; there were goodies in store! Stalls with toasty warm bagels and tempting pastries were hard to resist! Beverly and Mary got in line to buy some breakfast for all of us; and we got to pick whatever tickled our fancy! I felt like 10 all over again. *giggle* I chose a cinnamon bun filled with pecans and dripping warm syrup. It was humongous! Lucky I had Karen around to share it with me.

James also came around a little later bearing goody filled white boxes lined with petite cheesecakes in various flavours. I had a peanut butter and jelly; ...it was the best cheesecake I've had in a long long time. I absolutely loved it! Who would think that anyone could make my all time favourite sandwich into a CHEEsecake!

Throughout the day; we had the opportunity to photograph beautiful pots of orchids on sale as reference for our classes in the next couple of weeks where we will be taught to do sugar flowers in cake decorating classes. James; Mary and Beverly led the way through a quaint little garden filled with wonderfully blooming roses and well manicured greenery to find a wine cellar which was close by. It was called "The Wine Room".
The place was absolutely amazing.

We were given wine glasses to taste some of their wines and this was my favourite. "Sweet dreams made of These" It tasted sweet from a strong peach flavour and a tiny bit tart on the end notes. It is my favourite dessert wine to date!I had lots of fun discovering new fruits and vegetables as well as finding new inspirations from the local market scene. I stocked up my bag pretty full before we made our ways back.I had to thank Karen lots for loaning me her camera for the day as I had ran out of batteries in mine. I would have felt so lost without my lenses. She saved the day! *laughs* Her Ixus takes pretty good pictures too! I'm glad.


Raechelle said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your website...great pictures! So colourful-and yummy looking! Neat page you've got here-so many recipes-wow!
Anyway-just thought I'd say HI! Hope you're enjoying Florida!

PeachyMango said...

Everything really does look so fresh! You're so lucky they have the farmer's market open on the weekdays, here it's only on Saturdays!

Yan said...

The alcoholic in me can literally taste that wine in my mouth... I can imagine it being extremely delicious :D

Unknown said...

Hi Su Yin

Greetings from rainy KL...Am a fan of your blog and have a great time in Florida honing your love for sugarcraft and all thing scrumptious...

Love your pics - how do you get a lot of pics on your post??? Been trying to do that myself but to no avail...If you have the time - appreciate to learn how! Thanks and keep baking and inspiring us!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Su yin
I just want to say that you and your cakes inspire me!! I am really into making cakes right now and I already tried a few of your recipes, they are delicious! I saw your Mario cake in a Dutch game magazine once! They already love you over here ;)


Anonymous said...

Ello Su Yin! The colours from your pictures really come out great! Lovely angles too. Especially lovin the ones with the apples and orchids. Im sure you cant wait to get kickin with makin the orchids! am just excited as you are! Kepp pushing on! God bless,

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

raechelle: thanks raechelle :) I'm loving it here! thanks for leaving a msg~

peachymango: heya~ It was a saturday actually! haha..they arent open any other days of the week :P

yan: tsk tsk..my dear..you got to learn to lay off the quantity :P

maizura: hiya~ thanks for that..thats real sweet of you; i can believe i have fans.. the word fan is too shocking for me! haha Thanks for all that..i use Picasa from Google to make collages of pictures..you can download it for free~

raffika: hey; im glad im an inspiration for you work. I can't believe I came out in a magazine without knowing!!! OMG! haha..im so happy the recipes have worked out well for ya :) it's so nice to know. thanks dear.

ben: hi ben; thanks for the comments on my photography.. it still is pretty dodgy work..haha the apples are my favourites too! the trick is; pretty apples= pretty pictures! haha its easy to take pictures of flowers; they are already pretty on their own! haha half the work is done! You're right; i cant wait to make the sugar flowers! haha. This course has my full undivided attention; i love it. thanks for leaving me a note..truly appreciate it