December 17, 2007

"Rumah Rehat Adeline?"

In plain English; the Malay words would mean "Adeline's Rest House"
in reality... it truly is beyond just a 'house'... it is a resting haven; a spot so tranquil and uniquely Malaysian in all its natural glory.What astonished me the most was the fact that home (Ipoh) was just a 20 minute drive away! Never could I imagine such spectacular beauty nestled within our thick rainforests beyond the mountain ranges overlooking the bustling city.

The lovely lady Adeline runs this wonderful resort.. with small help from others. Mom and dad have known her for awhile now..and she lets us young visitors address her as Aunty Adeline. She really is great fun to be around...and she cooks the most AMAZING home cooked dinners and lunches.

From Malaysian delicacies to western grills and chops.. I would drive my way up there anytime just for the food! *laughs* It's the perfect place for us foodies to pig out on the wonders of fresh and organic home cooked meals! Her entire resort is surrounded by organic fruit trees....
.."when the durians are ripe... we hear a loud "thud" on the ground... *REJOICE!* hehe. Aunty adeline also has rambutan, jackfruit and coconut trees not far away... it's a great experience for those who have never experienced eating Malaysian tropical fruit straight from the branch!
Amanda, Jo, Mom and I made our way to the resort last weekend...we had an amazing time! Aunty Adeline made us feel so much at home and taken care of; it really was a perfect little short break to help us replenish lost energy and excitement in our lives.

I was initially a little skeptical about going all the way there to live in little traditional 'atap' houses made by local aboriginal people (orang asli). I mean... you'd question if it's safe; are the silt houses clean and comfortable? ..or if you'd be eaten alive by mosquitoes. I was very pleasantly amused when we got there!

After a full day of fun hiking through thick forests; searching for the rafflesia flower; discovering a magnificent water fall; learning to body raft in white waters; and so much more.. we had a nice refreshing shower in the showers and sneaked into one of the empty atap houses to have an afternoon nap. It was tidy and clean and there was not a mosquito in sight! The quaint little hut made from wood and dried leaves on the roofs was surprisingly very comforting and cooling; I felt very relaxed lying on our cushy mattresses. We awoke later that evening to the smell of divine Malaysian cuisine coming from the kitchen nearby. I took a peek out my atap house window to watch Aunty Adeline work her magic in the kitchen! It really is the sort of Holiday which brings us Malaysians back to old times; which gives us time to reflect eat good food; play wholesome activities in our amazing rainforest surroundings... the day trip at Adeline's truly blew me away. Why pay thousands of dollars for a holiday abroad to experience something 'new' ... when we have something so 'new' to us city slickers right here at home. It's a part of Malaysia which I've yet to discover more of.
Aunty Adeline prepared a full range of activities for us kiddies to do all afternoon; but as the sun began to set..we decided to hang back and absorb in natures relaxing ways. I missed a chance to climb into a hammock by the trees... I'd have to go back to Adeline's again very very soon.. *wink*
*check out her website for more activities and details on Rumah Rehat Adeline*

I've been busy going around lots these days guys... quite a few fun moments in the kitchen too! Will have more recipes up within the next week or so :)


Anonymous said...

oh how i miss malaysia.
just a qu,when u say in ur biography u like shoes and piping hot wedges , i assume u mean potato wedges, not piping hot shoes with the big heels? :)

teckiee said...

ahhh thanks for the post. another hidden away relaxing destination.

Anonymous said...

I had been living here for 30 years, never know Ipoh has such a place. Thanks for ur recommendation. Hope to go there for holiday one day. I am from Penang, working mom with 2 kids. I am one of your fans too. You had inspired me to bake and decorating as well. Recently I baked my gingerbreadmen with fondant deco. It was a successful trial. Feel free to visit them at
Hope to learn more from u.


Anonymous said...

Hwoar the rafflesia looks like it is gonna devour Jo's hand.

Miakoda said...

It always amazes me- there are other places in the world. Beautiful, amazing places. You can go to one, another, hundreds and there are still so many more. For a globe, Earth is impossibly infinite.

Glad you're in a beautiful place. Su. Have fun!

Mia :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

dee: haha I mean the potato chunks :P ...well i guess the shoes are cool too~! haha don't like the big clobber ones; love the sleep sexy wedges ;)

teckiee: yeap! you should really check it out; it's awesome!

mmcat: its really a wonderful place to stay; thanks for your lovely comment; will definitely check out what you've done with the gingerbreadman; i bet they look yummy!

waiking: didnt; he still has his hand

miakoda: thanks for your wonderful comments and uplifting words.
I'm such a fan of travel; will definitely be discovering more when I can.