December 25, 2007

It's Christmas Morning!!

It’s been an amazing month of December for me! So many things I’ve learnt about my country and myself the past couple of weeks checking out everything I’ve lost touch with. I guess it’s kinda lucky that I returned during the holiday season; everything is colourful and fun~

I know I havn’t been blogging as much as I used to; but it’s just so hard not to be caught up in all that joyful cheer! I’ve been moving around lots with the family to Penang; Kuala Lumpur, outskirts of Ipoh and a couple of other touristy places in Malaysia. For the Christmas season this year; we decided to head down to Singapore for it’s famous end of year festivities! The streets and shopping malls are always extravagantly decorated with xmas lights and the lot! It really makes a difference when you’re surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about the holiday; makes me feel like celebrating! *giggle*From amazing towering Christmas trees heavily decorated with shiny and beautiful trimmings to elegant lightshow displays running all the way down Orchard road in Singapore’s city center; it really is an incredible sight! I’m in Singapore pretty often for holiday seasons to catch the stunning decorations and as well as hit the end of year sale season *wink* Hehe… I am left flabbergasted at the effort made every single time. I just thought I’d share some photos I snapped in the midst of pushing and shoving past swarms of people strolling down Orchard Road on Xmas Eve at night.My family and I are believers of Buddhism; so generally the birth of Christ isn’t exactly significant to us; but there really is no harm in joining in the fun. Mom and Dad have friends in Singapore and a particularly warm and friendly family of Uncle Thomas and Aunty Irene invited us to join them for a Christmas Eve party at their home. I was too excited! I’ve heard so many rumours about aunty Irene’s wonderful cooking!Walking about their home was an amazing experience of strolling into a Christmas wonderland! Lots of different textures, flowers, bows, reds and golds all suited to match Asian themed decorations! It was incredible how Aunty Irene and her daughter had put together a house full of interesting trinkets representing their home! I couldn’t resist taking out my camera to snap away at my favourite corners of their home. It really shows the effort she’s put in to create a house full of festive cheer!

The aroma of delicious roast turkey and ham drew my senses straight to the buffet spread where I was greeted by an amazing spread of delicious goodies!
Greedy ol’ me wanted to dig in right away; but decided to puff up some self control to volunteer help carve the turkey into slices for everyone. It was my first go at carving turkey; I initially thought it would be like any other bird I’ve done… I was so wrong; the size was its breasts and thighs were absolutely overwhelming. After a couple minutes of struggle and a fair number of ruined pieces; I finally got the hang of it! *laughs* I was just sorry that I messed up Aunty Irene’s deliciously done turkey!

Our family had a wonderful time at the party; it was awfully nice of them to have us over at their family dinner. We will be returning to KL tomorrow for another Christmas party at my Aunts in the evening! That's going to be great as well!
Will definitely be updating everyone on what I’ve been baking and adding more recipes real soon. Just need to get past this holiday season and we will be back on track ;).

Well; it's real late and I've been up for awhile now; Santa's sleigh is yet to arrive. *pout* I'm pretty sure I've been good this year *wink* wink* haha... I guess a good point to make is that I don't exactly have a chimney for this to come down :(. *sigh* AhH WEll!~ I'd better be off to bed!

Have a Happy HAPPY Christmas one an all! YAY!


Lex said...

merry xmas! have a great new year :-)

Anonymous said...

A very happy X'mas to you to.

Jennyvi said...

Merry Christmas, Su!! :)

SIG said...

Oh wow, you were actually right here on our shores. Didn't visit the places you did so didn't have any chance of bumping into you. ;) Hope you had a great Christmas here and all the best for the New Year.

marias23 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Selamat tahun baru!

Anonymous said...

Belated Merry Xmas! Funny - I was back in M'sia and you came down to Singapore for Xmas haha!

Hope you got some bargains at the shops! :)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

thanks for the xmas wishes guys! we had lotsa fun and bargains in singapore :P