November 26, 2007

"Why" Competition winners!

Hello from the world of CookingIsMyPassion!

Due to the busy and tight schedule of our Dear Su Yin on the eve of her return to Malaysia, we the other two appointed judges for this competition Eddy and Jo will be doing today's honour of announcing the winner of her first Blog Competition!

There has been so many fantastic entries received over the past few days but there unfortunately can only be two prize winners. There were some really amazing competition-winning-worthy entries but due to the non compliance of the 50 word limit, we unfortunately cannot allow those entries to be announced as winners to be fair to the other competition entrants.

A special mention goes out to Lee Ann Nee from Kajang Malaysia as Su Yin particularly loved the way you have captured the essence of Why cake is perfect for every celebratory experience but exceeded the word limit. Also, special thanks goes out to 'Yip YanYan ' for coming up with the theme and idea of this competition :-)

And the winner's are....*drum roll*.....

Lotus Ren from Singapore! Entry:

Because having CAKE brings us extreme Comfort, Contentment and Cheerfulness.

CAKE is on its own, an exquisite piece of Art.

CAKE brings Kith and Kin together and

having CAKE is to say the least, an Ecstatic, Euphoric and Exultant Experience!

CAKE is the Epitome of any and every celebratory experience!

And also
Nana Adistya Siauw from Sydney! Entry:

comes in special style and colour
not old fashioned nor left behind
showing the character of the creator
her patient heart and loving hand

is not stuffed like croquettes
and truly meant for sharing with friends
these are the reason why cake is perfect
for every celebratory experience

Thank you for all the great entries!!! They were all winners!!! but in a more accurate sense the above are the winners.

The prizes will be sent out to you via snail mail! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanuka! A Tip tup Tet! A Kooky Kwanzaa! and a Dignified Ramahdan.

** Su: Hi guys!~ I'm covered in dust and sticky brown tap *giggle* The boys had a real hard time coming up with the winners. A big thanks to them! I had a read of all the entries as well; they were all excellent! It was a real tough choice. I wish I had 30 books to give away! *laughs* I might have another comp soon; when I find something from my kitchen to share!
I'll be flying off back to Malaysia tomorrow... but not to worry; blogging will commence as per usual when I get back on to local soil ;).
More recipes and cakes to come! Should hear from me within the next couple of days! Till then! XOXO!


CandyLolly said...

I was waiting for this day to come, u'r finally back in Malaysia because i would really like to order ur cakesssss...

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of your cooking adventures Su, they are always interesting to read!
Best of luck with the cakes in Malaysia, you have talent - the cartoon-like characters you make are always great, this is your speciality!

Yan said...

LOL I feel honoured. I jsut saw this post, I'm still in Brisbane so internet is scare atm D: D:

If I were to enter the competition, I'd write:


Anonymous said...

oouuhh yes ure homee!! :)
hopefully near shah alam..
i can order ur cupcakes!! :)-nurul-

debyG! said...

Su Yin.... welcome home!!!! im sooo excited that ur back here in msia. hope to hear from you soon.. cant wait to see u in action, here in msia!

im soooooo excited! hehehehehe....

Char said...

hie Su, I've been reading ur blog for quite some time but this would be the first time i leave a comment. i had a great time baking in aus (i'm studying in melb)thanks to the wonderful recipes I found in ur blog but somehow my baking din go all well in msia, i was blaming the weather and differences in quality of ingredients i can get here lol. i wonder if that happens to u too? or maybe its just me hehe...

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hehe thanks guys; i know everyones excited about ordering cakes..but business wont be starting for me till 2008... I hope my skills and recipes will improve lots in that period of time :)
I'll be updating everyone on what's happening with my sales though; keep your eyes peeled ;)

charlene: differences in weather and temperature really does make things harder; but I guess its all about adapting and starting recipes from scratch again... mix and match; try different ideas.. *shrug* trial and error really is the only way to go :)