October 5, 2007

More "FACE" cupcakes~

These are beginning to becoming fairly popular since the first time I started making them to look like Breakdancers. Jenny had ordered cupcakes for an event she was having with her group of Malaysian society board members at Uni. I made them to resemble every person on her team...and they were all delighted!I really should begin trademarking these little cute faces before my brilliantly adorable ideas get stolen *laughs*

These 15 cupcakes had a story behind them...it isn't a funny story; for me at least... because I was part of the story! :P
Here goes...
  • Jenny orders cupcakes... sends me a group photo of her group members and says she wanted cupcake faces for all of them.
  • I quoted her a price..
  • It was confirmed...
  • and I began the design..
  • I drew a face for every person (well ...so I thought)
  • and began planning to bake a batch of 12 cupcakes...(each batch bakes a full tray in the muffin pan....so 1 tray of 12)
  • She calls a couple days later and adds one more cupcake to the order...THAT'S 13!!!
  • This meant..I had to bake 2 full batches of 24 just for one extra cupcake!
  • No worries...the girls and I at home were happy to eat the extra bits... yummy~
  • A night before the delivery...I went ahead with frosting them..
  • TADAH! 13 beautiful cupcakes!!
  • I took a break after I had finished; boxed the cupcakes...and went online..... Jenny gets on MSN;
  • She writes me a msg..
"thanks for the 15 cupcakes... eddy will collect them tonight"
  • 15?!?!?! Oh My GOD!... it was 3 hours away... and I had only 13 beautiful cupcakes!
  • Well I missed out a person in the picture...and I assumed Jenny didn't expect one of herself. *sob* I knew I should have asked in advance... Now all the unfrosted baked goodies have been eaten...and I need to bake another batch asap!...
  • Lucky for me... I had another cake order this weekend; and I stole 2 cupcakes full of batter for the round cake I was baking for a sculpted cake! Now we don't have to get fat on the third batch of cake *wink*
  • I frosted these last 2 in a hurry~ and they were off!
a hard earned buck...
*laughs*Nothing but my carelessness to blame.. Some lessons in life; I'll never learn. :'(


Anonymous said...

Hmm. didn't like these ones as much. i think the idea has been over killed a bit. but keep it up:) i love looking at your pics! :)

Anonymous said...

these cupcakes are really cute! :D
i enjoy reading your blog everyday. haha!

SIG said...

They are freat. THese are the faces I love. :) Puts a lot of life into them.

Anonymous said...

Proud of ur crisis management! *hi-5

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

every baker can identify with tt.amazing work!

Anonymous said...

omg, so cute~. I love all of them.

may! said...

hello!first time leaving a commnet here.was pretty amazed by your culinary skills.would like to ask you whether you could give me some recipes for making cupcake?cos yours look pretty!=D

may! said...

btw,you can email it to maylim_08@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

even if someone steal your idea, they may not be able to do as good a job as you!

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow.. these are so cute... I love them..every each one of them are so adorble.... :)

Jackie said...

Su-Yin, I am yet again blown away by your creativity! I only hope some of it will rub off onto me soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin ~ Wow! You are very creative and those little cupcake faces are deLight-Full. I discovered your blog just a little while ago but will be checking back as your accounts of your life and baking adventures are lots of fun and very interesting. Thank you! junemoon

thanh7580 said...

The cupcake faces look great.

I know how it feels to be too careless when baking. I've thought about throwing out many a batch of cakes and pastries because I make mistakes and they turn out horribly.

A mistake only teaches you a lesson each time. As long as you don't make the same mistake again, you've gained something from the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are amazing! I can't believe you did so much work for 15 cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

someone copied ur cupcakes lol

Anonymous said...

love the cute "face" cupcakes. very talented and there is no end to your creativity. I dont think anonymous is fair to say there is an overkill how can further creative work on the same theme be overkill. This can even be your future signature product.

d2e said...

lolz... patented? dat's an idea. but how about a specialty store that turn people's adorable faces to cupcakes? :)

GG said...

They are so cute! I wish i can have one of those :) I like the way you did the 'hair' of the faces. It's nice. Keep it up.

d. said...

These are sooo cute, so delicate...:) Love them!

Rae said...

they are nice, very cute. :) What do you do that makes you so good in cooking, Su?

Squishy said...

Your a very talented young lady :)

Anonymous said...

GOSH.. sorry i caused to much trouble for the cupcakes!!! I LOVE THEM.. ignore kay.. cuz he's emo-ing.. my whole committee love it!!!!THANKS


TBC said...

OMG! Your face cupcakes are simply stunning!!!You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su
I think your blog is just great so we have added you as our featured blog of the week.
Love the recipes, stories and the pictures.

Wanda from

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments...sorry about the horrendously late replies...ive just been really ill :(

satisfied: there are some on my blog side tabs :)

junemoon: nice to hear from you :)

thanh: it is indeed a painful one huh? haha

heather: its when someones paying me for them that I can't be complacent :( haha.if it was for my friends; id tell them to eat 10 if I had 10! LOL

fatma: yes ...yess...haha

d2e: ive certainly thought about that! haha...i've thought about alot of things.. just have not had the time to work on them

saoirse: I must say; firstly; I'm not great~...i just try harder than everyone else! haha its the passion..i love the kitchen; and every failure is a step to success... I just keep going at things till I get it; and thru that I pick up so many skills in the kitchen I never expect I would.

jenny: niee to hear from you! :) gld they did. I'm happy it was worth your $$ :)

Mahek said...

They are such beauties never seen anything like this before
They are incredible and i have no more words to express it.
i found your blog today and its so interesting that i will be reading the whole of it soon.
where did you learn this art i would love to learn this but i dont think anyone in india knows how to make such great cupcakes , you should come to india and teach us how to to it.

Anonymous said...

i loved it.. it was terribly cute.. damn sayang to eat it..i kept it for a whole 2 weeks before i makan it..!! damn sayang it cause it was tooooo cute! but once inside, it was tasty!!

love hugs kissess,

Anonymous said...

Hi hi!

I'm a relatively new baker.

Could you kindly enlighten me on how to make the frosting on the cupcakes? What are the ingredients used in these decorations?



Anonymous said...

Awesome work as always, Su Yin.
I have always been your silent reader on your blog.
Enjoy reading at your blog.

Those face cupcakes really bring it to life.
You are really talented and am proud of you being a Malaysian.
Keep up the great skill!!

Anonymous said...

Hi su-yin,
I found your blog a couple of days ago. Love your blog. it's really help full and inspiring. Cute cupcakes, I wish could have one. These cupcakes are my favorite. Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

my gawd, u r insane!! I love your skills!!! U make me crave for your cupcakes now!!!

MeMinicakes said...

Hi su yin,

Love your work,very inspiring.
I just link your blog to mine if you don't mind, If you do mind please let me know and I will delete the links.


Jenna said...

jenny told me she couldnt eat the cupcakes cos it looks too cute to be eaten.. hehe..
i wanted to order some from u after i've seen the masa face cupcakes but unfortunately ur back in msia.. sigh..
i wonder when do i really get to taste the lovely stuff that u make.. *anxiously awaiting that day*

Gerry said...

These cupcakes are so well done! You are a talented artist to have been able to transfer the images so well from a picture to the cupcake. Keep it up!