September 26, 2007


It was hard not to think of my own graduation while sculpting this adorable little degree holder.I am to complete my years of undergraduate study at Uni in Dec 2007. Its been almost 4 years now since I've begun attending lectures, tutorials and fulfilling assignments to acquire my Construction Management and Property Degree... only to realize;... It was cakes I wanted to construct all along. *laughs* Metal and concrete wasn't exactly on my mind when my lecturers spoke about foundation; core strength or materials. I was thinking density; points of stability and ingredients.
Well...*shrug* I only began cooking in 2004.. when it became a necessity living alone. Adventures in the kitchen soon led me to crave beautiful foods...and soon; my love for the oven was undeniable. I baked. A lot!... and eventually progressed to frosting my baked goodies.
Well... I'm here now.. sculpting cakes as a part-time job; wondering what to do with this degree I'll be granted at the end of the year.
Construction and property doesn't sound too bad; but Su won't be Su without her cakes. *tear* My housemates watch me frost and sculpt cakes every week...with new orders filling up my inbox daily; they wonder what my life would be like if I didn't have a cake to frost. *laughs*
I'll be working on more cakes when I graduate and get back to Malaysia... Singapore is one other location on my mind. There will probably be a couple of issues with working in humid and warm weather... but I'll work things out. For the pure love of CAKE.
Mmm... beautiful..cakes... *giggle*

Well..enough of my rambling; back to talking about the brown bear.
June had ordered a cake for a good friend of hers who was graduating with a commerce degree. He loves coffee, cute teddy bears and finance. She was very pleased with how the cake turned out...and I bet "Jay" who's graduating would like the cake too! I generously smothered the cake layers with strong coffee and stacked them with mocha buttercream.
The cake was covered in fondant..and details were painted on. I love its lil' magazine! :P


Anonymous said...


I think you are really talented with cooking and cakes! I think both Malaysia and Singapore seriously lack such beautiful cakes. You should really consider pursuing your dreams when you graduate this year. Not every one is borned with such wonderful talent like yours. =)

Really love your bear. So cute and adorable! *2 thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Hey Su Yin!

I saw someone holding that cake on the bus today and thought to myself, HEY That looks like something SuYin would make.. And it turns out that it was! It was so adorable seeing it in person - you did an amazing job. :)

Anonymous said...

If u r comin back to Malaysia, I am sooo gonna order cakes from you! You are so naturally talented and if you arm yourself with juz a lil professional training, you'll soon be on your way as being the best in the country & probably Singapore too.

Bake on, gal! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so disappointed that you are going back to Malaysia, I haven't tried your cake yet. But I can order your cake for my best friend in M'sia =) I go Singapore every year,so if you have bakery in S'pore, I will visit you. Or I will consider working for you lol.

Chivon said...

Su Yin
You are so talented and you should definitely pursue baking cakes once you return home. I wish I lived in Australia or Malaysia so I could order from you!

Jayne said...

I hope you keep this blog going after you return home,I'll miss your beautiful cake creations!
Love the bear,so well done and clever,as always :)

SIG said...

Come to Singapore, come to Singapore. Hehehe. You amaze me everytime. I believe you're a prefectionist too?

Anonymous said...

Hello Su,

I read your blog and see what new cakes you come out with daily. You might want to consider conducting classes for people like us. Geez I am looking forward to it. :) BTW I am from Singapore. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stay in Australia, unless the competition is very intense. You already have your customer base. My sister was in jewelry, she decided to return but now decided nothing is as valuable as your fan base. So she's going back next year.

This genre is not commonly available in Malaysia and usually costs too much. But if you do come back, it is after all a gap in the market. Demand for it is there in the KL, a little tough at other cities...may be able to charge 100 for 1 recipe-200 for 1.5-2 recipes but the cost of material here is expensive too.

Snappybug Sheila said...

Come to SIngapore!! HAha I'm relocating from KL to Singapore and I can safey say that you'll be so loved there!!

Keep it up and I hope to sample/order your cakes soon either for myself or friends!

Aimei said...


I've been reading your blog and really enjoyed ur post and beautiful cakes. You are an inspiration to me cos' i love to bake too but do not have the creativity to try new things. Do inform us if you do come to Singapore. I will surely patronise your shop. Would really like to try your creations one day. :)

By the way, I'm from the property management industry as well, with a degree in real estate from Singapore. :) Keep going gal!

Manggy said...

Hi Su Yin,

Congratulations in advance (!), I hope you don't think it's weirdly premature. I think your breathtaking baking skills will get you very far. (If you think it's hard to decorate cakes in Singapore, climb a few degrees up the thermometer and welcome to Manila!)

PeachyMango said...

Wow, your cakes look awesome!!! Congrats!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks heaps for all the suggestions guys! I definitely be looking into it. Malaysia and Singapore are looking pretty good for me right now.
it's going to be tough in terms of pricing..and i do understand its still a fairly raw market; I'll have to look into it more.

Mae: what a coincidence! How funny! haha

maggy: thanks for the invite to beautiful Philippines! i'll give it a thought ;)

Anonymous said...

You should definitely open up a cake shop that specialising in making cakes like this and I can assure you you will be hot in demand. More than you can churn out these beautiful babies.

Emma said...

Hi, just reading through your blog is so inspiring. I'd love to be able to do what you I was just wondering is the bear edible and what is it made of?

Good luck in US. It looks like you're having a wonderful time! XD