August 27, 2007

"Monkey-ing" around with a bottle of Jim Beam

Cecelia approached me with a couple of ideas to play around with. Her main "theme" was poker....and Jim Beam whiskey. She pretty much said those 2 things...and left me to do as I wish. Sigh* I love customers like Cecelia....I always do my best when I'm allowed to work my creative juices as see fit~ I've not disappointed anyone to date...I hope it stays that way with my designs.
She was thrilled! Delighted and exclaiming with "Oh Wow" Oh WoW"~ It just makes my day when I get pleasant responses. Felt almost like giving her a hug! *laughs* She was so sweet to come all the way here from north Sydney on public the rain! *sigh* I feel her pain.
The cake was for her boyfriend...who loves drinking and poker...His friends nick-named him the 'dancing-monkey' I thought that was real cute. Instead of having a drunken monkey or a bottle of Jim beams as a cake topper; I felt it would be a little naughtier and discreet to have the hip flask of whiskey hidden inside. I of course drenched the chocolate mud cake in whiskey as well *wink* I hope nobody was driving home from the party that night!The detail work was done with fondant...the monkeys body was sculpted cake..the head had a Styrofoam core...coins were chocolate ...and the tiny wires held poker themed hearts; cloves; spades and diamonds. Black, red and gold still remains favourite colour combo.
Come to think of it...these colours apply to many aspects of my favourite clothes are of these 3 colours.... Half my closet is red...the rest is black with tiny hints of blues; pinks, whites and yellows *laughs*

note: Big Thanks to Fiona!!! for introducing Cecelia to my cooking ;) I'll bake you something yummy next class! *hehe*


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome! Did you tell them about the flask in there, or did they sort of just ... notice after they cut into it? Hehe :D Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Love your blog to bits!!

Do you think you can share your fondant recipe? All the ones I've tried SERIOUSLY suck....sigh...And how do u get all the excess powdered sugar off the colored fondant? there always seems to be icing sugar stuck to my colored pieces!!!

culinaryprincess said...

*Speechless* It's sooo cute!!! u're really really talented Su yin. We need someone like you here in Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooo much Su Yin, I can't tell you how much I LOVE the cake :D and my bf loves it too.. it's so cute~~~~~~ and it tasted so nice too~~~~~ :D Thanks again~

Anonymous said...

it's jim beaM

Anonymous said...

WOW! this one's really great! respect! respect!

hi! to the adelaidian culinary princess.

Anonymous said...

Amazing looking cake... i like the bottom colors...

Almost Vegetarian said...

That is an incredible cake. I just hope no one tried to eat the head off the monkey (as children do with chocolate Easter bunnies) only to chip a tooth on that bottle!


Anonymous said...

i check out your journal everyday hoping u put some new recipes or cakes up, and everytime you do, i sit in front of the computer screen in awe. how i wish u stayed in Scotland(UK) , Glasgow.

your novelty cakes r so good, cud you do a tutorial on how to make the cake character eg. head body etc etc.


Anonymous said...

I tried many times doin a figurine out of fondant and it collapse...any secret to share

Anonymous said...

A cake with hidden Jim Bean!! It was so cool. Only you can come up with such a creative idea =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin~ It's Fiona here ^o^

Haha~ Glad you had good business with my friend XD I'm sure more orders will be coming~ Then you'll hope I didn't introduce my friend to you ^.^"

P.S. If you are to bake something for me, plz bring it to the Monday class~~ ^o^
Thursday class...... you know about me ;) hoho~

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

katie: hey thanks so much, the girl that bought the cake knew about the flask and she thought it'd be a cute idea for her boyfriend to find the flask on his own.

tanya berring: i usually use store bought fondant and usually the white dust can be dusted off with a small brush. i hope that helps, i buy my fondant from wilton and ochard in australia and store bought fondant generally last longer and taste better.

culinaryprincess: aww thanks, i've been wanting to visit adelaide for awhile now might do that soon this year.

cecilia: hey hey, so nice to hear feedback from people, im glad your b/f liked it and i was abit worried that there might have been to much frosting on it.

anonymous: thanks, thanks for that, don't we all mess up sometimes ;) i appreciate that.

ex-adelaidian: wow people are chatting on my blog *giggle* maybe i should start a forum.

iva:yeah they're my favourite combo too, i noticed most of my cakes are black, red and gold *laughs*

almost vegetarian: haha, all safe, the girl knew about the bottle.

anonymous(yennie): oh hey, i've been meaning to do that for a long time, i'll be coming up with a fondant tutorial soon... i just dont know wen... i've been really busy lately with uni and its hard to keep up wit blogging, i've had quite a few requests on the fondant, nice to hear from you.

anonymous: in hot weather, u will have no choice but to sit in air conditioning, humidity is not good for fondant either and refrigeration is not an option, fondant needs a couple of days to harden and you need to think about the structure of ur figurine before u start making it e.g the weight, the shape and the point of stability.

linda: aw thanks! i like coming up with ideas that r different, i hope i won't run out of ideas, many more to come though :)

fiona: haha i know i know :)

Chrystal said... beautiful! i'm a fan!